8 Grooms Admit What They Thought About Their Brides-To-Be On The First Date


Everyone knows first dates are awkward. Well, maybe not everyone. Maybe it's just me. But no matter how many first dates I go on (I went on 14 in February alone), I can't help but leave and wonder what the heck the guy thought of me.

Will I ever hear from him again? Did he get the hint that I hope I never hear from him again? Did he notice my face flush red when he told me I looked pretty? Did he see me fumble with my wallet when the bill came?

There's truly no way to tell what kind of first impression you make on date one, unless you end up in a relationship with that person or married to him or her.

Read on to hear what eight grooms thought about their bride-to-be on the very first date.

1. She ate with her fingers.

— Matt, 27

2. I laughed when she talked sports.

— Chase, 29

3. She was the ultimate wifey material from date one.

— Henry, 30

4. I didn't think she was interested.

— Markus, 29

5. What she ordered was a curveball.

— Nate, 27

6. I didn't see this going anywhere.

— Chris, 31

7. I told her she was my future wife.

— Ben, 28

8. She was a 10.

— Thomas, 32