Grandpa Picks Flowers For His Wife For 40 Years & You're Single AF

Jeremy Garcia is an 18-year-old freshman at the University of California, Riverside. He's a barber, and he lives in Riverside with his grandparents. But the best thing about him? His grandparents' adorable relationship — seriously, more adorable than you could ever hope to be.

(OK, I have to admit, I've never met Jeremy, he could have some other great qualities. This is just one of the many).

Jeremy's grandparents, Josefina and Luis, moved here from Spain 30 years ago. BuzzFeed reports they moved to America and lived on a ranch in California to raise Jeremy and his siblings.

Horseback riding is a pretty big part of all of their lives on the ranch. Jeremy explained to BuzzFeed News that his family lives down the street from a "nature park" called Santa Ana River, and they typically ride their horses there.

Luis has literally gone out almost every other day for the past 40 years to ride his horses, according to Jeremy. And every time he goes out for a ride, he comes back with a freshly picked bouquet for his wife.

Jeremy explained that even though they have a full garden of flowers for Josefina to choose from, it's the flowers Luis picks for her that Josefina chooses to put on display in their home. Jeremy continues, "My grandma has a tradition of taking the flowers he picked for her that day and putting them in a vase on the dinner table."

Jeremy posted the tweet above about his grandparents, and the internet went nuts for their relationship.

The images even officially became a meme on Instagram. Honestly, if someone doesn't turn you into a meme on Instagram, can you even really say you've made it in life? Probably not.

Congrats, Luis and Josefina (who I'm sure both have super vibrant social media accounts and are super familiar with what going viral means), on getting turned into a meme and taking the internet by storm!

But on a more serious note, congrats to them for managing to stay in love for this many years. Anyone can go viral these days, but it takes something special to stay in love.

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