5 Ways To Make A Graceful Exit After Having Really Awkward Sex

by Autumn Myers
Viacom Media Networks

Being physical with another human being is supposed make your senses surge and make you fall into this deep, heavy nirvana.

It's meant to bring you relaxation after a long day. It's meant to make you want to just sing from the mountains.

However, not all of us have experienced this every time we've gotten down to it.

You imagined having a mind-blowing orgasm because you really wanted it to work with this person.

Then, when it happens, it actually feels a bit weird. You wish you could hit rewind.

Some of us have experienced the most awkward situations when it comes to sex.

Take our advice on how to avoid the awkwardness:

1. Hang out in the bathroom.

Don’t just lie there after.

This is giving your partner an open opportunity to ask you how it went.

Get up and say you have to pee. This will ruin any interest on both sides.

Get in the bathroom and recollect your "WTF" thoughts.

2. Get dressed fast.

Show a sense of urgency and get dressed immediately after.

Don’t be rude. Just tell him or her that you forgot you have a paper to write, or that you left your scented candle on.

Something is better than nothing.

Just get up and dress yourself.

Say you will call later (which you probably won’t), and rush out of there.

3. Tell the person you have to feed your neighbor’s dog.

If it's your house or apartment he or she is staying in, rush him or her out.

Use the excuse you forgot to feed your neighbor’s cat or pet fish.

Or, use the excuse you need to give your mother a call because you have to speak to her about some type of sickness.

Just rush the person out with a good excuse so he or she doesn't lag there.

4. Tell your friend to call you.

Text your friend while your partner is in the kitchen. Tell him or her to give you a phone call ASAP, and make sure your ringer is on loud.

Tell your friend to sound distressed and say you're needed.

Make sure this friend is actually willing to do this for you.

You need your partner to be convinced that you must be urgent about this.

5. Talk about it.

If this is your significant other and — for some reason — it was awkward this time, maybe talk about it.

Sometimes, unsaid problems in the relationship can block the love-making process.

Just be honest and get it off your chest.

Chances are, he or she did not enjoy the awkward sex either.

The last piece of advice is to never think it will be better the next time.

Many of us make this rookie mistake.

If it made you feel weird and awkward because he or she moaned too loudly or tried some weird positions, chances are, these things cannot be changed.

This is who he or she is, so either you have to learn to love it or just quietly delete his or her number.

When it comes to sex, you need to enjoy it as much as your partner does.

You can't feel weird about it.

Trust me, sex is not horrible until it becomes awkward.