Goodbye For Now: Why Some Bonds Are Meant To Be Unbreakable

by Taylor Mosslar
Julien L. Balmer

Someone once told me time heals all of our wounds. But when I lost who I thought was the love of my life, I hoped that in time, my wounds would heal.

I told myself in time, I would come to terms with what I had lost, and it would all be for the greater good.

But what I have learned is this: Sometimes, you can make a connection with someone that is so powerful, it will stick with you no matter how many years go by.

Sometimes, the more time you live without him or her, the more you realize there aren’t many people like him or her in the world.

The more time you spend helping your friends and loved ones through their own personal relationship dramas, the more you begin to see the beauty of what you had.

The simplicity, the chemistry and the sheer unconditional love you had for one another made being together so damn easy.

But when life gets in the way, and the relationship you once thought was invincible gets swiped out from under you, the happy ending you hoped for is no longer in the cards.

But what about the couples in the movies who meet up at a coffee shop after so many years apart? Do they eventually live happily ever after?

Is it still possible to find forgiveness and reignite a previous flame when the timing is right?

That is my dilemma.

You see, fundamentally, this person can have everything you are looking for in a partner. He or she can be fun, loving, caring, compassionate and down to earth, yet you can despise him or her so much for leaving you in the dust and ultimately breaking your heart.

Your pride says you can’t walk back into the arms of someone who hurt you, but your heart tells you it would be time well-spent.

For some crazy reason, you don’t want to be with the person right now. But you know you can’t live without him or her forever.

Maybe letting go "for now" is a blessing in disguise. After all, there is a true, genuine reason as to why the relationship failed to work the first time.

Whether it's from timing, distance or just who you were at that stage of your life, there is sometimes a far more valuable reason as to why things didn’t go to plan.

Maybe we are meant to go our separate ways and figure out who we are and what we want from our own life before we can fully give our whole self to somebody. Maybe we just need time to get our sh*t together.

Part of the reason we hold on to something so special is because we are afraid a love so great won’t happen twice. Sadly, we are worried that when we come to the end of our life, we will regret not fighting for something that was eternally worth it.

We associate that person with our happiness, and fail to have faith that maybe life has something better in store for us.

Quite frankly, we can’t imagine having anything better than what we had.

But with great triumph comes great risk, and the ultimate risk is losing the one you love not once, but twice.

In life, we take everything for granted so easily. Only once it's gone do we realize the true value of what we lost.

Perhaps we can only hope the time we spend apart can ultimately fuel our love in the future. Hopefully, it will only push us to become better people.

Hopefully, when the time is right, we can love each other to the best of our potential.

I truly believe there are some people in life who are impossible to forget. You had a love so great, the memories you shared with the person are still your most prized possessions.

Maybe time doesn’t heal all our wounds. But maybe time can give us clarity and perspective.

Maybe it can make us reflect on what we had, so in the future, we will know what we want.

I guess all we can hope for is one day, our paths will cross again. We will never have to look back.