Girls Reveal When They Were The Players


We all know what a fuckboy is. People spend all the live long day talking about them.

But what about my ladies? Can we be fuckboys, too? Is there a word for a female fuckboy?

Urban Dictionary gives us a pretty solid description of the fuckboy's female counterpart, what they call the "fuckgirl": "a fuck girl is a girl who acts like a fuckboy expect she dosent ask for nudes instead she strings them along and uses other guys when shes already maybe dating someone."

So I went ahead and asked some girls to give me examples of times they were the fuckboys (or in this case, the fuckgirls) in their relationships.

And, boy, did I get some great responses:

When she strategically played three guys

— Alyssa*, 23

When she helped a sister out

— Marnie*, 23

When she was so over all of her options

— Sheila*, 23

When she totally invaded his privacy and then never spoke to him again

— Jenna*, 23

When she planned an entire date around learning his name

— Melanie*, 23

When she purposely got him drunk

— Roxy*, 23

When she found out he had a small dick and left mid-hookup

— Allie*, 22

When she watched boys fight for her and didn't bother to intervene

—Sarah*, 23

When she pretended to be drunk to get out of hooking up with him

— Ashley*, 23

When she made him pay for her cab to go bang someone else

— Zoe*, 23

When she did what she had to do

— Annie*, 22

You hear that, boys?! Girls can be just as big of players as any of you can!