Women Share The Crazy Times They Were The F*ckboys In Their Relationships

We all know what a fuckboy is. People spend all the live long day talking about them.

But what about my ladies? Can we be fuckboys, too? Is there a word for a female fuckboy?

Urban Dictionary gives us a pretty solid description of the fuckboy's female counterpart, what they call the "fuckgirl": "a fuck girl is a girl who acts like a fuckboy expect she dosent ask for nudes instead she strings them along and uses other guys when shes already maybe dating someone."

So I went ahead and asked some girls to give me examples of times they were the fuckboys (or in this case, the fuckgirls) in their relationships.

And, boy, did I get some great responses:

When she strategically played three guys

In college, I dated three different guys, but I made sure they were in three different grades so they wouldn't overlap and find out about each other.

— Alyssa*, 23

When she helped a sister out

I hooked up with a guy I had no interest in, and then I dropped him off at my friend's house because I didn't like him, and I knew she wanted to bang him.

— Marnie*, 23

When she was so over all of her options

My ex and I had just ended things, but we were still sort of seeing each other. He invited me to a bar with his friends so I came. But then, he was annoying me, so I invited this other guy I'd been talking to to come meet me there. The guys saw each other there and ended up making a scene, so I got annoyed and left them both for a third guy.

— Sheila*, 23

When she totally invaded his privacy and then never spoke to him again

I got a guy out of my bed so fast after hooking up, he left his phone in my bed. I read all of his texts about how much he liked me out loud to my friends. We laughed about them for a few hours, until he came to get his phone back. Then, I never talked to him again.

— Jenna*, 23

When she planned an entire date around learning his name

I met a guy at a bar, and I was honestly pretty drunk, so I didn't quite remember his name. I DID remember that he was pretty cute, though, so when he asked me out the next day, I agreed. Problem was, I still didn't remember his name. I made it through the entire first date without learning his name. Then, he asked me on a second. I really wasn't into him, but I really wanted to figure out what his name was for my own peace of mind. So I told him that I really liked him, and I wanted to make it a double date so he could meet my best friend and I could meet his. My plan was that my best friend would introduce herself, and he would respond by saying his name. Then, I'd learn his name. The plan worked. I learned his name, and I never talked to him again.

— Melanie*, 23

When she purposely got him drunk

One time, in college, I was at a semi-formal with a guy I didn't really like, so I secretly made him drink more than half of the fifth we had gotten to share, and I left him later in the night (when he was finally too fucked up to notice) to go bang someone else.

— Roxy*, 23

When she found out he had a small dick and left mid-hookup

A guy went all out on a date and got me box tickets to a concert with open bar. He was so nice — he even let me bring a friend! I drank all the free drinks, ate all the free food and went home with him after the concert. This is when he took off his pants, and I found out he had a tiny wiener. Obviously, I called a cab home and peaced out mid-hookup. I never ended up thanking him for those tickets, either.

— Allie*, 22

When she watched boys fight for her and didn't bother to intervene

I invited two boys that I KNOW like me to the same club, purposely introduced them to each other and watched them literally fight over me from on top of the table I was dancing on. (Birds-eye view, amiright?!) Then, I went home without saying bye to either of them.

—Sarah*, 23

When she pretended to be drunk to get out of hooking up with him

It was sophomore year of college, and I had a boyfriend, but I still REALLY wanted to go to this frat event because all of my friends were going. I got a guy to ask me because I knew he was interested. We went to the dance, and I spent the whole night pretending to be blacked out so he wouldn't try to hook up with me. Then, I left at the end of the night and went back to my boyfriend's place.

— Ashley*, 23

When she made him pay for her cab to go bang someone else

I was out with my friends, and I was upset that the guy I had been hooking up with (let's call him Alfred) hadn't texted me. I ran into a guy I knew from college and decided to make a move on him. I took him outside to make out and mid-makeout, I finally get a text from Alfred. I literally stopped kissing the guy from college then and there and told him I needed to go home. He bought me a cab home and came with me to make sure I got home OK. We finally got to my place, and I told him I don't want him to come in because 'I'm not that type of girl.' I waited about five minutes for the boy to get an Uber back to the bar with his friends and went straight to Alfred's place to have sex with him. Lol, 'not that kind of girl,' amiright?!

— Zoe*, 23

When she did what she had to do

One time, I was hooking up with a guy who wouldn't stop professing his love for me, so I fucked him just to shut him up.

— Annie*, 22

You hear that, boys?! Girls can be just as big of players as any of you can!