If Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Argue With You, She Probably Doesn’t Love You

by Lauren Martin

Men don’t live in the real world; they live in a fantasy world. And one of those fantasies is tight lips.

That's right. Men think the ideal woman is a silent one. They've drawn up elaborate fantasies in which on their arm is the perfect, silent girlfriend who goes along with everything they say and never, ever talks back or questions.

In their warped minds, men think the silence of a woman is the love of a woman -- that her refusal to argue or speak against him is a sign of devotion and intimacy.

Little do they know, however, a silent girlfriend is a plotting one.

Women are not known for their stoic “suck it up and don’t let anyone know how you feel” attitude. They express their feelings and talk things through -- and the only time they’re closing their mouth is when they’re planning on closing the book.

Stoicism is a sign of indifference. But when women argue with you, it’s a sign she loves you.

When a woman loves you, she’ll fight for you, even if it seems like she’s fighting against you. When a woman doesn’t care, though, she’ll save her breath.

Why fight with someone you don’t care about? Why try and help someone whose texts you're not sure you'll even respond to next week?

Take it from loving, argumentative girlfriends all over the world: There’s no such thing as a silent girlfriend. Just an uninterested one.

If she’s content just watching, she’s content leaving.

A woman only says things because she wants you to hear them. She’s talking to you for a reason, and that reason is usually for your own good.

Women, like the mothers they become, like to fix things and dote on the people they love. They see problems and want to find solutions. When a woman doesn’t care, she’ll have no problem watching you drown in your own mistakes.

If she’s saving her breath, she’s refusing to save the relationship.

Why fight with someone you don’t want to be with? Why waste the time and the tears for an argument you don’t care about winning?

A woman who has checked out of the relationship is also checked out of the conversation. She’ll let you say and do whatever you want because she’s halfway out the door.

If she’s letting it go, she’s ready to let you go.

A woman in love will fight until the end. Like a good soldier, she will stick it out, even if she’s drowning in a pool of her own words.

A woman who is not in love, however, will lose on purpose. She’ll let it go, the same way she’s let go of the relationship. The things on her mind are no longer important because you’re no longer important.

You want a girlfriend who isn't content just "dropping it" all the time. You want one who is willing to look stupid and foolishly passionate, refusing to let you, or anything else, go.

If she’s happy all the time, she’s seeing someone else.

No relationship is perfect. No two people living together (or spending all their time together) will always be in a great mood. We’re bound to piss each other off every once in awhile.

The girlfriend who never gets pissed, however, is hiding something. The happy-go-lucky woman is a guilty woman.

Of course, this is not true in every instance, as every relationship is different. But what’s almost foolproof is that if she's not fighting, she's most likely wandering.

If she’s keeping it light, she’s keeping you in the dark.

A woman who isn’t revealing her feelings is most likely waiting to give them to someone else. She’s clearly not serious about taking it to the next level if she’s not going to tell you how she’s seriously feeling.

If she is keeping her feelings and the conversation light, she's definitely not planning on adding any extra weight to the relationship.

If she's totally carefree, she's not trying to get serious.

Watch out for the girlfriend who doesn’t show her true colors. You may think she’s chill, but she’s really just icing you out.

There's no such thing as a completely cool woman -- we all lose our cool sometime or another. There's just no way we can go through an entire relationship being completely and utterly amicable and unconcerned about anything. Once in awhile, every woman cracks.

If she's not fully invested in you, then she's not going to let things get to her. If she is invested in the relationship, however, she's going to get upset about anything and everything that's a threat to it.