7 Ways To Know You've Finally Found A Girl Who Doesn't Play Games

by Elise Williams

“I hope you have a good time.”

Let's not kid ourselves; women everywhere who play games have ruined this phrase for men. Through their immature “womanly ways,” they've turned playing games into a sick art form that, for some reason, they're proud of.

For the record, there's nothing "womanly" about being a slow, poisonous nightmare to a guy who spends his time, money and emotional energy on you.

Unfortunately, if you're a guy, you probably know more about the woman who has endless tricks up her sleeve than you cared to know. But there are plenty of girls out there who do not play games.

Maybe you've met one of these girls, and you really didn't know what do with her because you were just in shock that she didn't ask you trick questions or pretend she wasn't interested in you “just to keep you guessing.”

The good news is even though these girls may seem hard to find at times, the girls who refuse to play games with you are out there waiting for someone to appreciate them. They don't operate under the mindset that allows them to enjoy toying with your emotions and playing mind games.

These girls would much rather spend time truly getting to know you and building a healthy, fun relationship that you're both able to enjoy.

Here's what's going to set her apart from everyone else.

She says what she means and means what she says.

She actually respects the definitions of words and uses them appropriately when communicating with you. If she's not “fine,” she'll actually let you know, and then, she'll tell you why.

Believe it or not, there are women out there who don't expect you to automatically know that A. They aren't "fine" when they literally say the exact opposite, and B. The exact reason they aren't fine.

Likewise, when she tells you to “have fun” during a night out with the guys, she literally wants you to enjoy spending time with them. You'll actually be pleasantly surprised to know that not only does she not believe in saying things she doesn't mean, she despises women who think doing so is OK.

She doesn't love making you feel guilty.

Her goal, if you upset her for any reason, is never to drown you in guilt until you're convinced you're actually the worst guy in history.

You took a small step over the line when you were joking around? You had to push your plans for the night back by 30 minutes? It's fine (literally, remember?), and you can rest assured knowing she's not sitting around waiting to pounce on the opportunity to rant about how inconsiderate you are.

Equally important: She also won't try to make you feel guilty for things she's not even that upset about. Pretending to feel hurt about something could not be further down on her list of favorite things to do in a relationship.

She truly wants the two of you to trust each other.

She isn't going to search for reasons to “call you out” or blow something out of proportion so she can accuse you of lying to her.

If, for some reason, something doesn't add up, she would rather voice her confusion calmly than jump to wild accusations. You won't catch her secretly checking your phone or trying to guess the passwords to your social media accounts so she can “catch” you doing something unsavory.

In turn, not only will she remain honest and upfront with you about everything, she will avoid situations that would ever make her feel like she couldn't tell you the whole truth.

She would rather the two of you build confidence in your loyalty to one another and let you be your own person than sit around in her striped shirt waiting to blow the whistle on non-drama.

She's been there before.

One of the biggest reasons she won't play games with you is because someone played them with her in the past, and it made her feel like she was dating a first class crazy.

In fact, when you have the discussion about your past relationships, that will likely be one of the first things she names as the reason other guys made her unhappy.  She knows what it's like to date someone who hurts you by trying to “test” you, manipulates your emotions and just thrives on rocking the boat for no reason.

She's all too aware that "game mode" is not a healthy way to operate when it comes to love and the pursuit of it. You both deserve better than that, so she won't disrespect you by stooping down to that level.

She won't make you choose.

When an opportunity arises for you to do something fun that doesn't involve her, she won't cross her arms and say that if you go “it's like saying a golf trip is more important than me.” She appreciates the fact that you have personal hobbies and interests, and she even appreciates the fact that you know people you can enjoy them with.

Of course she loves to spend time with you, but she won't try to make you feel like it's wrong to even think about leaving your house if your plans don't involve her.

She quite literally doesn't have time for it.

This girl has her relationship and life priorities in order, so instead of messing with you, she's spending time pursuing her dreams, going to new restaurants with you and looking for simple ways to save money at the grocery store.

She's spending her time on actual life priorities, and she's spending the time available for your relationship on meaningful activities.

When you spend your time productively, it's kind of hard to find any extra to spend on conniving little schemes to “stay in control” of the relationship.

She won't put up with it if you start playing them.

Because she knows how this feels and refuses to play games with you, she will NOT put up with it if she picks up on the fact that you've started playing games with her.

If she doesn't have time to initiate them, don't fool yourself into thinking she has time to play when you try to mess with her.