Meaningful Gift Ideas For Your Long-Term SO This Holiday Season

by Jamie LeeLo
Duet Postscriptum

Buying gifts for your long-term boyfriend or girlfriend can be a real headache.

By now, you probably know each other inside and out, and you may feel like you've totally run out of ideas for surprising them.

Maybe, if you're like me, you feel like you've already used up every great gift idea you could think of. (Like the time I got him cufflinks made out of his favorite whiskey barrel. I MEAN, WHAT?)

When you're just starting off, you can get away with things like shiny pieces of jewelry or new tech gadgets. However, in this case, you need to think outside the box.

Below, we've come up with a few ideas to help jog your creativity and pick an ideal gift for your long-term SO.

A New Mattress

If you've been with your SO a long, long time and they've had the same bed since your first year out of college, it might be worth-while to look into upgrading their snoozing situation.

This gift has some serious lasting power that will benefit your quality of life for many more happy years to come! (Plus, you can sneak in your personal preference when it comes to style and firmness. Bonus!)

That Vacation

Seriously, you guys should go on the vacation you've always been talking about. Whether it's to Burning Man or Greece, see if you can make it happen in 2017.

If money is an issue, keep your eye on Skyscanner, which will give you real time prices for anywhere in the world. Of course, there are always cheap lodging alternatives like Airbnb.

The Thing They Always Wanted But Have Never Gotten

What's something they've always wanted but have never gotten around to?

Guitar lessons? Cooking classes? A big TV they've wanted since the beginning of your relationship that you've always said no to?

By getting them that thing, you're showing them you've been listening this whole time and you actually care about making them happier. If they only use it once and never again, can't say you didn't try.

A New Commitment — A Car, A Ring, A Home, A Baby?!

If you've been together for a long time, you might be coming up to the next big milestone.

Assess your personal circumstances, and if you can swing your next big life step, go for it! This will have an insane wow factor for your sweetheart, and of course set you up for your next great adventure.

A Forever Gift

If you have a sentimental sweetie, this is an excellent way to pull at some heartstrings.

Find a way to commemorate or memorialize something big that happened to you this year, or that signifies your relationship, with something symbolic to the both of you.

Keep it in your home and enjoy it for the rest of your beautiful days together.

Try Something New Together

If you've racked up some serious time together, it might feel like you've fallen into a routine with familiar habits and autopilot schedules. Why not set up something you both have never done and go experience it together?

By engaging in new activities, you're strengthening old bonds and forming new ones, and building memories that will last your whole relationship.

Tip: Take pictures of it and frame them for the next holiday to roll around!

Make Space For Them

Physically or metaphorically.

By now, you're likely already sharing your space with your SO. Reflexively, we may become territorial with our space, subconsciously trying to hang on to our independence.

Take a look at your life and see where you're hogging all the good stuff. Do your toiletries dominate the bathroom counter? Do you only listen to YOUR music playlists in the car?

Clear some room and let them know you value their comfort and needs as well. It'll evoke all the feel-goods of the holidays and have some practical impact.

When In Doubt, Spice It Up

Long-term relationships suffer from comfortability, but lucky for you, 'tis the season to spice things up!

Try out a position you said you never would, or pick up some new toys.

The great news is being with someone for so long builds deep-rooted comfort and trust, allowing you to really go for it in ways you might not in a new relationship.

Good luck rein-dears! Keep the inspiration flowing and the love coming.