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Giannina Gibelli's Instagram with Blake Horstmann confirmed their romance.

Giannina And Blake Confirmed Their Romance In An IG Story

The Love Is Blind-Bachelor crossover we needed.

Instagram/@gianninagibelli / Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

ICYMI: Giannina Gibelli and Blake Horstmann have been teasing their relationship for quite some time now. From posting eerily similar IG Stories to apparently taking the exact same vacations, this duo basically perfected the soft launch. Although their connection is still shrouded in mystery, their recent trip to Europe has been full of not-too-subtle hints. And on April 3, Gibelli’s Instagram with Horstmann confirmed their romance. Nothing like a fairy-tale European adventure to finally make things official.

Posting a mirror selfie to her IG Story, Gibelli technically covered Horstmann’s face, but not very well. You can still see half of his face, plus his distinctive coat and watch. And fans on Reddit were happy to see the couple finally confirm things — even if they’re a little confused about how their romance started. One wrote in the Reddit thread, “I am super happy for them! Loved G on LIB! And have always liked Blake. Excited to see their relationship once it’s fully shown.” Another replied, “I’m excited to see how their relationship started! They seem super cute together!” (BTW, rumor has it they met each other and star together on MTV’s new show All Star Shore, which is coming soon to Paramount+, though no official release date has been announced yet.)


Despite some Reddit excitement, let’s be real: As far as taking things IG-official goes, this photo wasn’t the most riveting. But that might be for a contractual reason. On March 29, Gibelli responded to a fan who asked about the identity of her new boyfriend, and her response was coy.

“I can’t officially post him [right now], because we did a project together that hasn’t been announced yet, but I’ll share as much as I want when I can,” Gibelli wrote on her Stories. “I’m just really happy to be sharing these moments together in private for now.” (Private is a relative term here; combined, Gibelli and Horstmann have over 2 million followers.)


Here’s hoping their top-secret project is announced soon! Though the soft-launch ride has been fun, there are only so many times you can post an obscured face on your Instagram Stories before it gets old.