This Girl Was Ghosted By Her Guy On New Year's Eve After A Romantic Dinner


This week we have Hannah* who was ghosted by the guy she'd been hooking up with for MONTHS the night he was supposed to be her date to a New Year's Eve event.

This happened about two years ago. I was seeing this guy for a few months. We met at a house party through mutual friends. It all started because our mutual friends told me about how he was into me and wanted to take me out. But, when we initially met, I had a BF so obviously that couldn't work out. Fast forward about a year, and bye-bye boyfriend. I decided to hit this guy up because I knew he was interested. My newly single self was also interested.
We start sleeping together-slash-"hanging out" for a few weeks in the fall. Things were casual but fun.  All around good guy. We were having some awesome dates and shared lots of laughs together. But, like clockwork, as the weeks went by, he started to become a little inconsistent and shady. But like most smart, modern fuckboys, he would still be in the picture by doing sweet things every few weeks, like messaging me while he was away on business. Fall comes and goes, December and New Years roll around. It's that time of year where you have to figure out if the person you're seeing will watch the ball drop and smooch you at midnight. Pressure.
A week before New Years, He took me out on a nice date to a romantic bar, and asks me what I'm doing for NYE. I tell him that I'm going to this big show. He said to ME he'd like to join ME. So I tell him I'll try to get us tickets. And I do. A few days before New Years, I get super sick and end up in the hospital. So I text him saying that it looks like I won't be able to party. He sounded bummed, but obviously understood. Come actual NYE, I felt a lot better so I decided to go out for a bit. I texted him early in the day to tell him that I would actually be going out. I was expecting at least a response of mild enthusiasm, but the guy doesn't respond all day and all evening. I get ready, put on my party dress and go out. I only heard my phone ding when the clock struck midnight! To make it worse, his message was just a series of party-type emojis— no words. Like an idiot, I reply asking if he still wants to hit up that party (I have tickets) and big surprise — no reply. Nothing!!
As you can see, I wrote him saying I felt a lot better and I would be going out.  And no reply until midnight. Then ZERO REPLY after asking him if he was coming to the SAT, which is the venue where the party was at. I had our tickets. So very sad. Also, "bonne annee" means "Happy New Year" in French. We're from Quebec. And he never wrote me back. Not the next day, nor for the next three months about. Obviously, the next time he reached out he didn't even bother to bring up the fact that he left me completely hanging on NYE — especially after I had been sick and in the hospital. It was as if nothing happened. Also, a little cherry on top of the story: We ended up randomly hooking up about four months after the ghosting. We ran into each other at a party, he took me aside and told me how much he liked me. We went home together, had another really fun night. I thought, "well, maybe he'll reach out." Guess what, he never did. Moral is, they'll do it over and over if you let them.



Why text her at midnight then fall off the face of the earth all over again?!!? It makes no sense! I don't get it!

Do you get it?! If you do, please do me a solid and let me know WTF was possibly going through his head. If you've had an experience similar to hers, tell me about it! I always want to hear what you guys think.

Now, here's to hoping our New Year's Eve celebrations fair much better than Hannah's did two years ago.

*Names have been changed.