This Girl Was Ghosted By A Guy After 3 Years & Then Became His Boss Like A Damn Hero

by Candice Jalili

Ever since I started my column, "Boom, Ghosted," I've heard my fair share of crazy ghosting stories. There was the girl who was ghosted by her boyfriend of nine years. Or the girl who was ghosted by her boyfriend while they were on vacation for her birthday. OR the girl who was ghosted by the guy she moved to Slovenia for. You get the picture.

But a post seeking advice on Ask A Manager, may be the first time I've heard a ghosting story with a happy ending. This woman was ghosted by a guy after three years together in what is, perhaps, the worst possible way, only to come back into his life over 10 years later as his boss. Yep, you read that correctly. She came back as his boss.

Let's take the story from the top for you here. The original post on Ask A Manager came from the guy's point of view, as he was the one looking for advice in this situation. He explained that he had been with his girlfriend Sylvia for THREE YEARS. They even lived together for two of those years. Then, one day, he decided to ghost her.

You see, Sylvia was ready to commit and the guy wasn't so ready to do the same. In his own words, "[he] did not know what to do and, well, [he] ghosted her." Now, you might be wondering, how the F do you go about ghosting someone you have LIVED with for two years? Don't worry, this guy broke down his diabolical plan for all of us.

Basically, he accepted a job in a foreign country without telling her and bounced: "Over the Christmas break, while she was visiting her family, I simply moved out and left the country," he explained. "I took advantage of the fact that I accepted a job in other country and did not tell her about it."

As you can imagine, when her live-in boyfriend moved all of his stuff out without any warning and suddenly stopped all communication with her, Sylvia was less than pleased. "Sylvia was rather emotional and became obsessed with the relationship, tracking me down, even causing various scenes with my parents and friends," he said.

In most ghosted stories, this is where the story would unfortunately end. But this time, there's a happy ending! JUSTICE WAS SERVED, you guys.

Over a decade later, the guy was working as a math teacher at an international school where — get this — his school's new director is none other than SYLVIA. According to the guy, the two haven't been in touch at all since the incident and don't have any mutual friends. He's not big on social media either, so he was completely surprised when she stumbled back into his life.

Needless to say, he's freaking out now, which is why he reached out to Ask A Manager for advice. "I have no idea what to do and how to deal with this mess," he lamented. "It is clear this will be not only embarrassing but I will also be reporting to my ex."

Yep, he ghosted her. And now, she's his boss. If that's not karma, then I honestly don't know what is. So remember, don't stress over the dumb jerk who ghosted you. You might just have karma on your side down the line.

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