Kylah Benes-Trapp

This Girl Was Ghosted By Her BF When He Fled The Country Without Telling Her


Ah, ghosting. It's the dating phenomenon that happens when people are too cowardly to actually end things with the people they've been seeing, so they choose to just… disappear instead.

Ghosters are idiots. But if you've ever been ghosted, know that you're not alone.

In this weekly column, I share a tale of a time a reader was ghosted (with accompanying screenshots) so you can see the last text that was sent or words that were uttered before someone decided to disappear forever. I present to you: Boom, Ghosted.

This week, we have Katie*, who was ghosted by her on-again, off-again boyfriend (that's right, BOYFRIEND) not once, but TWICE. Oh yeah, and the last time he ghosted her? They had lunch plans he just never showed up for. Then, she had to find out from his parents he didn't show up for lunch because, you know, he just casually left the country without telling her.

It really is as bad as it sounds. No, actually, I would say it's even worse than how it sounds.

Don't believe me? Read her story for yourself here:


When telling me the story, Katie told me she actually found the experience "more heartbreaking and hurtful than being cheated on." Honestly, looking through these, I can totally see how that would be the case.

This guy held her heart in his two hands and was just COMPLETELY careless with it. They weren't some casual fling. They were in a serious relationship, they were willing to do long distance and she even knew his parents! Personally, I just can't find a way to justify his actions.

But what do you guys think? Do you think this story captures a unique and horrifying form of heartbreak like I do? Or, have you somehow found a way to justify his actions for me here? Maybe you've gone through something similar? No matter what the case, share your thoughts here, and let's talk it out.

* Name has been changed.

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