Woman Decides Not To Ghost Date, Learns Men Can't Handle Rejection Either Way


If I said I never got rejected in my life, then I guess I'm just trying to ignore what happened during my life from about 1997 until 2016.

Rejection hurts! But you can't force somebody to like you. Trust me -- I have tried everything from love spells to replacing all of their photos in their house with images of me.

But as you grow more mature, you kind of appreciate a rejection. After all, this is the day and age of ghosting. Having someone say, "Hey, I'm not really feeling this" may suck, but it's better than waiting for a text that never comes.

This dude obviously can't handle his shit at all, though.

How does starting a statement with "look" make it seem like she's talking down to him? If she was actually talking to him like a child, she would have jingled her keys or something else shiny to get his attention.

Obviously, no matter how kindly put a rejection is, it's going to hurt your wee ego a bit.

One time, someone told me they weren't over their ex and I assumed they hated me and everything I stood for. As humans, we're not logical.

But this dude then goes on the attack, and it's like chill, Cujo.

She probably wishes she just ghosted him now.

This girl was open enough to tell a dude she grew up with an absent father and he uses it as an attack? Or an explanation as to why she's "acting this way?"

Acting what way, bro? That she doesn't want to do the dirty deeds with you on repeat?

Honestly, if your ego is this sensitive you have to clap back at someone saying they don't want to continue seeing you like that, then maybe you need to do something else with your time instead of swiping on Tinder.

Join a sports league, take a poetry class, do something good for your self-esteem.

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