Why All Woman Are Lunatics

It is no surprise that many men and women have trouble agreeing on certain things. The fact is that we are different, and with those differences comes huge misunderstandings and mutual frustrations more and more.

Perhaps the root of what causes the constant clashing of words between the two sexes is the fact that while most men can simply make a decision and stick to it whether they regret it or not, women have no problem changing every detail of their original plan even if it is last minute or it causes much more inconvenience than necessary.

They are indecisive:

Women can go from being in a fantastic mood to suddenly miserable within minutes. The reason for attitude swings of this nature is not PMS or other hormonal factors they try to blame it on, it is simply because they cannot decide if they want to be in a good or bad mood.

They also change their mood based on whom they are surrounded with to act more in accordance to how they feel when their behavior is really just putting a damper on everyone else's good time.

These are the kind of women that change their clothes five to ten times before leaving the house or randomly refuse to speak if they are around someone that bugs them. Deciding on a restaurant suddenly becomes a daunting task, but not as daunting as figuring out which change of plans she'll come up with at the last minute.

Woman overreact:

Much of the indecision may be influenced by the way a woman can overreact. Something as simple as a text message can be analyzed and read into for a half hour when the only words in the message read “hey what are you up to tonight?”.

She will ask everyone of her friends what it might mean and how the question was supposed to be delivered when in actuality the guy was probably just wondering what your plans were for the night.

Women also overreact after their friend does something that irks them for some reason. One day she will be BFF’s with her girlies and the next they are sworn enemies all because of one comment made the night before.

While women go through friends like they never even existed, men tend to see the situation for what it is and resolve the problem instead of cutting communication off and searching for new friends.

Scapegoat the crazy:

While men are in a bad mood, they know it's only a pointless distraction and then get on with their lives. Women, on the other hand seem to have the urge to become more vocal about their problems, regardless of how unimportant the issue may be. They will complain to whoever listens and when asked why they are in such a craze they simply blame it on hormones.

It has gotten to a point in time where women straight up know they are overreacting yet decide to blame it on that lovely time of the month. They blame so much of their irrational actions on their hormones or PMS that men now have reason to believe that the cycle of a woman's period never stops, it just gets particularly worse for a certain four days.

Women just don't know how to deal with what goes on in their heads. This is why they need men, to witness how different life could be if they weren't giving in to their urge to break down emotionally every time they aren't pleased with the current situation. If only they weren't too distracted by their overreactions to learn why men don't handle stress the way they do.

Women still do not understand that letting inconvenience get the best of you does not help you feel better. They need to acknowledge how pointless it is to get worked up over something that is only feeding off of your insecurity. It will never happen, but hey, a man can dream.

Richard Emmons | Elite.