Was It Something I Said? Woman Goes Berserk On Guy Who Asked For Her Name (Video)


Are we being pranked? Is anyone really this aggressive so quickly? But also, why is the guy filming to begin with?

In a funny rejection video, one woman who is super tired of being hit on goes from zero to sixty in an epic rant after a random stranger tries to engage her in conversation. And unfortunately, he got a lot more conversing than he asked for.

It’s like, not her fault that she’s super pretty and super over everyone being just so obsessed with her okay?! So take a number.

Take a look at this hilarious rejection video, but please make note of one thing. Somewhere on the Internet, some random faux-thority (see what we did there?) is trying to dismiss her frustration by calling her a feminist. She’s not. So ignore that.

And men, this isn’t how turning down a guy normally goes so don’t be scared.

H/T: Guyism