When Do You Let Go?

by Eddie Fews

It appears that the many men and women of the younger generation today have a thing for dysfunctional relationships. They choose partners that they know are no good for them and then they complain when things don't turn out like a scene from the Notebook.

We as a generation have officially fallen in love with the "fight". We no longer want candle lit romantic dinners and long walks on the beach, we prefer bruises and broken dishes. And we thought our parents had it bad. Speaking of which, how many people do you know who's mom and dad are still together?

What does this say about our future? I believe we have some work to do. It may be time to let go of your current relationship and spend time working on yourself until you find the proper partner that will actually have a positive impact on your future.

Bro's Over Hoes

Do you find yourself constantly ditching the guys or your girlfriends just to get back into the presence of your lover? Relationships all seem to go haywire when you stop doing the things you were doing when your life first started to get better; like hanging out with your friends.

Your partner wanted a relationship with the person they met; this new guy or girl you have become is the one they find themselves fighting with so often. And don't forget who's going to be there for you if the relationship doesn't work out. Your friends were there before they relationship and are probably going to be there for you after it's all over, so they deserve a bit more respect.

If you haven't seen your friends in over a two months, your relationship isn't headed in the right direction; and the best part is, its near impossible to do an instant 360 degree switch now without causing a slew of pointless arguing. It may be time to get back in touch with your friends and exit the downward spiral that is the modern romantic relationship.

Checking Their Text messages

Have you ever been in a relationship where you were considering cheating on your partner because you were afraid they were going to cheat on you? This mindset develops to one in which you feel that if you cheat on them first you won't be hurt when, or if they ever cheat on you.

As unhealthy as this idea appears to average eye, people in love with partners they don't trust seem to think that doing this will shield them from any pain their partner can put them through. The opposite is true, because the cheater then develops a guilty conscious; one that just adds to the pain the relationship is already putting you through.

Without trust and faith in your partner it is almost impossible to have a long lasting relationship, and even if the relationship lasts, it will be one filled with misery and discomfort. Therefore, if you are in a relationship where you are contemplating cheating out of fear that you may be cheated on, its time to end the partnership.

Would you be in financial business with someone that you thought would leave your company at the first sight of a better offer? Success can not be attained if you are in constant fear of failure.

If you want your relationship to work, you have to risk getting your heart broken to begin with, so throw yourself into it and accept the outcome whether it ends in success or failure. The odds are stacked against you and you may experience let downs however, it is our failures that shape our character.

Domestic Violence?

Have the arguments and fights become so intense that they are turning physical ? Deep emotional pain often manifests itself into physical pain later on in the future. You can see this in people who cut themselves and get into hard drugs because of the emotional pain they are experiencing.

If your relationship has taken this turn, I'm afraid you have been involved with your current partner a little too long. How valuable is your relationship if you and your partner are pulling each others hair and smacking each other outside the bedroom?

Although you may love your partner, there is very little you can do to save a relationship that has turned into a scene from " The Burning Bed". How long must this go on before you snap and do something you'll regret? Muster up all of the strength and courage you have left and get out of the relationship while you still can.

Career Vs. Relationship

Has your relationship began to take a toll on your professional life? There is nothing more degrading than seeing a CEO that you look up to filled with anxiety over a text message that was sent to him by his girlfriend. What unhealthy relationship can you honestly say is worth you filing for bankruptcy over?

In a healthy relationship both parties should be seeking to improve the well-being of the other partner. The stress we all deal with from everyday life is afflicting enough; going home to more of it will lead you to long hours sitting with a shrink. Don't let the illusion of love and living "happily ever after" reduce you to a working class income.

Now isn't your significant other's job to help you carry the weight on your shoulders? A good lover will massage your shoulders and encourage you to keep on. An unhealthy lover will only place obstacles in the center of the path you are traveling, increasing your chances of falling off track. What kind of lover do you have in your life?

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