51 Thoughts A Guy Has When His GF Asks If They're Going To Last Forever

by Dan Scotti

Relationships are a constant commitment. Part of what makes them so beautiful, is when you're in love, you find yourself wanting to do things for your significant other.

Suddenly, the commitments start to feel like second nature, and you really don't find yourself sacrificing much at all.

Most of the time, you're just content being with the one you love. Then again, it's also important to focus on "me time," if you will, from time to time.

As relationships progress, you'll suddenly find yourself losing some parts of your past self, in exchange for some new ones.

I mean, it's a good thing, in the long run. I'm sure a lot of us aren't ready to be parents -- but one day, maybe, we'll have evolved into a parental-like figure.

Who knows? I won't rule it out. Either way, you change, from dating to marriage, from marriage to parenthood and, not to be forgotten, parenthood to late-parenthood or midlife crisis.

When you love someone, however, this idea of forever suddenly sounds amazing. It's like eating high -- suddenly french fries on top of pizza sounds swell.

Yet, still, it's a rather large commitment to make -- especially without the adequate amount of time put into the whole decision-making process.

This is why, when women drop the "Are we going to be together forever?" question -- whether it is during pillow talk or over a cup of coffee -- it's quite the bit of the conversational bomb.

We'll usually say yes, because, I don't know -- what the f*ck else would we say? But before we do, you can bet our mental gears will be turning at ludicrous speeds in the moments after.

They might even resemble something like this:

1. “Are we going to be together forever?”

2. She’s asking me that, now?

3. We’ve been together for four months.

4. Let’s work on getting through a year, first.

5. Can’t we get through a full year first before we start worrying about forever?

6. Would it be insane to wait two, maybe THREE, years first before worrying about forever?

7. It doesn’t make sense to me, It’s like worrying about college recommendations in nursery school.

8. I can’t commit to dinner plans on Friday night before Friday morning, and she’s asking me to speculate about a time period that spans infinitely into the future?

9. What does she think, I’m a soothsayer?

10. Yeah, one second -- here, give me your palms.

11. I can’t answer this sh*t right now. I've got way too much on my plate.

12. I got, you know, work and a bit of a gambling problem; I don’t know if it would be too responsible -- given my fiscal situation, if you will -- to commit myself to supporting “forever.”

13. Forever?

14. I’m not sure I’m ready to sign myself over for the rest of time.

15. If I say, "Yes, we’re going to be together forever," I may as well just propose to her. And promise to never divorce her. Also, I’m hitched to her in the afterlife.

16. Otherwise, I’m lying.

17. And I’m really not trying to be any of those things, especially a liar -- at least not today.

18. It’s such a stupid question.

19. I know exactly what she wants me to say, too; it’s a loaded f*cking question.

20. Maybe I’ll say no. That’ll really shake sh*t up.

21. Yeah, give her that patented “Shyamalan twist.”

22. Eh, she might take it the wrong way.

23. I mean, serves her right in a way. She shouldn’t put me on the spot like this.

24. We’re DATING.

25. If I knew, for certain, that we were going to be together forever -- there would be no need for the dating phase. I would bypass the whole dating phase.

26. I’ll just laugh it off.

27. Or pretend I didn’t hear her.

28. Yeah, can’t laugh it off. I’ll look “insensitive.”

29. Right, so, pretend I didn’t hear her.

30. But then if she asks again, though, then there’s like extra attention drawn to it.

31. I could always try a coughing fit.

32. Man, if only somebody called me right now.

33. Should I go to the settings and play a ringtone to make it seem like somebody is calling me right now?

34. Settle down, man; you’re bugging out.

35. Yeah, chill the f*ck out. Seriously? Play a ringtone? Get a hold of yourself, man.

36. She’s probably just messing around.

37. She’s funny.

38. She’s got a quirky sense of humour.

39. She’s really not funny at all, actually.

40. I’m just going to say yeah -- and whatever happens, happens.

41. I’ll make her happy, and that’s the end of it. Who knows? Maybe forever does work out.

42. Hahahahahhahhahahhahahahahahhaa.

43. So yeah, I’ll entertain this illusion of eternity, make her happy, and if she’s happy -- I’m happy.

44. I am a p-e-o-p-l-e pleaser.

45. That’s me.

46. Ha. I mean, what difference does it make anyway, really?

47. It’s not like if I ever decide to break things off with her sometime in the afterlife, she’s even gonna remember me answering this question.

48. I sure don’t see any paperwork, at any rate. There aren’t any lawyers.

49. Just say yes -- no big deal.

50. I’m working myself up over nothing. It’s really nothing.

51. Well, it IS forever.