Nuru Massage: The Rub And Tug Reinvented


Stressed out? Have a knot in your back that you just can’t reach yourself? Not a problem, strip down and gel up for a sensual, one on one Nuru Massage. The Nuru massage has become very popular in Canada and all over Europe and for good reasons.

During a Nuru massage both the client and the masseuse will strip down to only their birthday suits. Then, the masseuse will begin to apply a generous amount of the special odorless Nuru gel made from seaweed that allows for a heated, full body massage; the room itself is usually heated allowing the gel to reach the perfect temperature.

Once the client is all nice and slippery, she will climb on board and use her entire body to massage yours. The word “nuru” itself is Japanese for “slippery/smooth”. How much better can this get? Well, many times this massage will end with a very happy ending- that is, until you get your bill.

Paul Hudson | Elite.