What Would James Bond Do?

James Bond is the perfect example of an alpha male and I personally think the role was best portrayed by Daniel Craig. To me, he fits the image of what Bond should look like because he has a combination of rugged and soft features, along with his piercing light eyes and killer physique; a special agent bad guys fear and women melt for.

The bond character isn't played by someone like Channing Tatum, because it's not the looks that ultimately get the women. It's the way he carries himself as a man that makes him irresistible.

James Bond is an alpha male because he is a hero, a leader, and he is self-sufficient. He doesn't complain, he controls his emotions, and he gets the job done. He is not only the ultimate spy and an athletic powerhouse, he is also the quintessential ladies' man.

Any woman would naturally be attracted to James Bond. His life is full of mystery, suspense, and danger. He is the personification of a thrill ride; women love to hate him and they all want to tame him. He is unattainable, unpredictable, and unapologetic.

He lives in his own reality and doesn't allow anyone to influence it. Many women end up falling for James, for he never allows them to strip him of his man-hood nor does he tolerate any silly games. As much as they want to slap him, and most of the time they do, they just can't seem to resist him.

When it comes to James Bond interacting with women, he is always a cocky-funny kind of guy, who knows exactly what to say and when to say it. The second he interacts with a woman he is interested in, the sexual tension is instant.

It is like he and her are already fighting before they have even hooked up, like a role-play of a couple who can't stand each other after years of dating. When the woman says something witty, Bond always fires back with something wittier. He is always 10 steps ahead of her, and has already won her over before she even realizes it.

Bond's natural push-pull tension building flirtation is a clever technique. He controls the frame of the interaction with his bold moves and always takes the lead which screams, " listen woman, I don't care how gorgeous you are, I'm the man and we do things my way." Every woman tries to test Bond but he never falls for her petty feminine power plays.

With every failed attempt to win him over, she becomes even more drawn to him than before. As you notice in the films, over time, Bond increases the push-pull tension and the flirtatious fighting gets worse, to the point when finally things are at its most tense, in which he grabs the woman and kisses her. Game, over.

The one thing you'll never see Bond do is use cheap, insincere pick-up lines or sweet talk. He gets right to the point, with honest, witty, sexually-charged humor. He doesn't have time for games because he has more important things to attend to.

This is why Bond makes the girls prove themselves to him. You will never see him chasing a girl around, trying to win her approval. All fake, romantic pretty boy gestures don't exist with this man of mystery. He isn't there to be prince charming, he is there to be King.

Bond doesn't act or dress like a fool. Granted, he is a British agent with an infinite amount of MI6 funds and can afford super expensive cars, ridiculous suites in insanely expensive hotels and extremely fashionable clothing that make him look sharp, but this shouldn't discourage you.

You don't need to be an MI6 secret agent to pick up women, nor do you need materialistic things; all you need is the right attitude and presence. Dress to impress, be classy, and keep women on their feet by being playful with a cocky-funny attitude.

Unfortunately, a lot of men have no idea how to talk to women. They are afraid to let loose and be themselves around them. Men have been trained by society to suppress their masculinity and use a "nice" and "sweet" approach towards women.

This is a death sentence when it comes to seduction. And as much as women claim they want this or that, the truth is, all they really want is to be taken by a real man who is comfortable in his own skin.

If you're not sure with your "game plan," a quick way to check if you're acting in congruence with a real man, before you take any action, is to ask yourself, " What would James Bond do"? If the answer is "No" then don't do it. It's that simple. Would James Bond go up to a girl and start talking like, " Yo mama....dammmmmn you are fine... can I get me some of that?"... I hope you answered no, because if you didn't, you have A LOT of work ahead of you.

Would James Bond sweat over a girl if things don't work out? No, he wouldn't because he has more important things to do and doesn't have time to whimper over a lost opportunity. He has a life of purpose, and women are just a bonus that comes along with a lifestyle full of adventure and value.

He knows women will come and go in life so he makes his move and goes from there. If it doesn't work, he moves on. When it's time to let go, he simply focuses on what's next; so there is no remorse and no regrets.

Would James Bond get completely wasted and start grinding with women on the dance floor? No. He orders his classy Vodka Martini "shaken not stirred" and keeps himself coherent.  You'll never catch Bond on the dance floor unless he is dancing in a formal manner and not like some idiot in a club.

Then again, James is a British agent, and wouldn't go to a club anyway, so if you can dance, then by all means do your thing; just don't be a creep. I could go on forever with what Bond would or wouldn't do, but if you know his character, it is pretty simple; if you don't, then I suggest you learn about it.

When using a Bond-like approach, keep things short, witty, and be a real man. Stand your ground when women test you, and don't apologize for your masculinity. If you're going to make a move, make it bold and don't retreat. If it fails, move on.

Alpha men will always have many options when it comes to women so remember to NEVER be submissive or subordinate. Women will never respect a man they can walk over and take advantage of. Bond always gets the girl in the end because he doesn't bend to her will. She bends to his.

Women also are drawn to Bond because his character and lifestyle brings their sexual fantasies to life. Dangerous adventures, secret missions, high-speed car chases, lavish dinners, high-risk gambling, scenic outdoor activities, etc., all make women emotionally charged. You don't have to do exactly what Bond does, but you can easily do similar things to get the sparks flying.

All women want is to date a man who will evoke all the types of emotions that they want to experience in their love life: happiness, sadness, joy, fear, humor, passion, curiosity, lust, comfort, suspense, etc... With a man like Bond, they get all of that; with an insecure little boy, they don't.

So the next time you see a lovely lady and want to approach her, are you going to go up to her like Steve Stiffler from American pie and act like a total douche bag, hoping she laughs at your clownish behavior, or are you going to be the smooth, mysterious, witty James Bond type and seduce her like a real man?

Either way could work, but the latter is the way real men get things done and also ensures that you get the most top quality women who are worthy of your time.

Angelo Gage | Elite. 

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