Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

by Trophy Wife

In all relationships, there are opportunities when your eyes will wander, but it is ultimately up to you how far you take it.

While we all know the usual signs of infidelity – late night texts, whispered phone conversations, but I’m here to tell you some of the not so obvious signs that you may not be aware of.

How do I know all the tricks? Let’s just say that I haven’t always been faithful in the past…I was the cheating girlfriend in more instances than one.

Phantom Texts

We all receive texts messages, so of course you think nothing of it. However, when your girl becomes nervous about leaving her phone unattended in your presence, and checking it on a constant basis, it’s time for the warning signals to go up.

Carefully monitor her reactions when she receives these texts – if she giggles, or blushes you know you may have a cheater on your hands.

After all, even though she tells you that “Oh, they’re just texts from my girlfriends” you know by the way she bitches about her friends that not only is she never happy to hear from them, but none of them make her laugh like that.

Unexplained absences

When she tells you that she has no plans and is spending the evening at home, yet she doesn’t pick up her home phone when you call. Or, she misses your calls and leaves your voicemail unanswered for several hours when you KNOW she has that phone surgically attached to her hand at all times.

Getting Defensive

We love to switch the blame to you, so when you accuse us of being unfaithful, we can easily turn the tables around and accuse you of not trusting us.

Before you know it, we are no longer the guilty party and you are the one who is at fault for suspecting us of infidelity. If any girl has given you the old “HOW can we have a relationship if we don’t trust each other?” speech, you probably have a cheater on your hands. Or, just a really fricking annoying girlfriend. Either way – best to just call it quits.

Naked Pics

When you encounter sexy or naked pictures of herself saved on her phone which you have never seen or been the recipient of, then you can be sure that she’s sending those pics to someone else.

No girl randomly takes naked pictures of herself for no reason – do you KNOW how difficult it is to get the angles and lighting which work best to our advantage? We don’t go to all that effort just to sext ourselves.

And if you happen to see an unfamiliar penis pic? Jackpot .


New tricks

Most women are creatures of habit, so when your girl starts to throw in new shit like the reverse cowgirl, or the scissor when the most exciting things you guys have ever tried is doggy style, it’s time to get suspicious.

Don’t be an idiot and assume she all of a sudden became more adventurous – the most probable explanation is that another guy, who is obviously more skilled than you, f*cked her that way – and she liked it.


Did your girl recently give you an expensive gift for no reason? And didn’t you think it was so super sweet and you went out of your way to thank her by going down on her for 20 whole minutes?

Sucker. That’s a guilt gift. No girl will randomly go out and drop hundreds of dollars on you just because – she bought you that gift in an attempt to wash away some of the guilt she has been feeling ever since she banged that other guy.

The best advice that I can give you is to become more vigilant – while we do our best to try and hide all incriminating evidence, we are bound to slip up every once in a while. Like if you happen to see a condom wrapper in the trash when you have been riding bareback for months? Well – at least she is practicing safe sex!

The Trophy Wife | Elite.