The Best Foreplay Tips For Men

by Trophy Wife

Guys – you all love to think that you know how to please a woman, but I'm willing to bet that at least one girl you've banged has faked an orgasm. No, not you, I hear you say? Oh really stud? Can you even TELL a fake orgasm as compared to a real one?

What's truly sad is that some guys just can't be bothered with that foreplay stuff; it's far too time consuming and boring since you guys tend to just skip right good ol' penetration– but did you know that women are less likely to orgasm during sex if foreplay isn't introduced beforehand?

Foreplay is as crucial in the orgasm as penetration for a woman – in fact, a lot of women can orgasm just from foreplay alone! Here are some of the key actions to engage in during foreplay that keeps your lady coming back for more:

Talk Dirty

Women love dirty talk because we're all extreme fantasists, and guys love to talk dirty because they love the sound of their own voice! So if you're confident enough to talk dirty to her, you should start before you even get into the bedroom – get her turned on by sending nasty text messages prior to your date.

Once you do get to her in person, tell her exactly what you're going to do to her in a very sexual way – don't skimp on the details. Slow your voice down and whisper in her ear, taking her from start to finish without even touching her.

You'll have her panting, wet and ready to rip your clothes off.


This may seem like more of a prelude to any action for guys, but many of you don't realize that women get their greatest erotic pleasure from frequent, passionate kissing. A lot of women can gauge how good a guy is in bed by how well they kiss. For example, if you're going to thrust your tongue in her mouth and just let it lie there like a dead fish, she's pretty sure that you're not going to be too great at going down on her.

Also, kissing is a great way to get things back on track if you get the sense that she's starting to lose interest – it always brings her back into it.

Just remember that passionate kissing doesn't mean you're licking her face and frantically trying to suck out her tonsils – try to mix it up your tongue play with kisses on her neck and ears.


Many girls love to play the prude and never admit that they watch porn, but the truth is, we love it. While some women may pretend that watching porn before sex is odd,  between you and me – porn is an exciting and efficient way for you to get her all worked up without really having to do any of the work.

Porn is a great way to heat things up and get her in the mood –while you're both watching you can lean over and start kissing her to get things started. You might even want to try recreating some of the scenes with her to really add some spice – although it's probably best to start with the one on one scene before you branch out into an all out gang bang.


Fingers will introduce some penetration into the mix and will really send her over the edge, making her hungrier than ever for your you-know-what.

By this time, she'll probably be begging you to fuck her already, but keep her on edge by placing one or two fingers inside and begin pushing and pulling in and out slowly while rubbing your thumb on her clit.


Granted, a lot of men hate to go down on a woman, but if you want your cock sucked, you're going to have to need to reciprocate. Yes, the clitoris is the obvious place to focus your attention, but it's still easy to concentrate on the wrong areas. Most men don't realize that direct stimulation of the clitoris can actually be painful, and it's better to rub the clitoral hood or rub along the sides of it than to go directly for the head.

The clitoris reacts best when being teased, so you want to suck and lick on it a little to build up her tension, and then back off it a bit before going back in for seconds.

Be sure that you shave that stubble off your face. Her pussy is a sensitive area and stubble can be painful and irritating – it's like the equivalent of her using her teeth when she's sucking your cock – no one is the winner there.

The importance and key objective of foreplay is to build anticipation. Out of all of the foreplay tips, this next one may be the most significant: Keep things moving steadily but not too quickly.

And if all else fails, tell her to read a couple of pages from Fifty Shades of Grey and she'll be ready to go in no time.

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