Fake Girlfriends Are A Thing


Honestly, this story brings me back to middle school, when girls I knew used to lie about being in a relationship. That practice seems typical to an immature young girl, but I never thought I’d hear of grown men taking part in this type of deception.

Apparently, the website called Cloud Girlfriend helps guys accomplish just this. The website allows guy to create a “perfect” girlfriend, that doesn’t exist. This fake girlfriend will post on his wall, like his status updates, etc.

The creators of the website said that they want to enlist real women to play the roles of virtual girlfriends to make the cyber girlfriend more authentic.

I’m sorry, but is this a joke? What on earth could possibly the meaning behind this? Why would any guy pretend to have a girlfriend? I thought Catfishing someone was bad enough.

What do you think?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images