The Beauty And The Beast: Why Women Settle For Less

When people watching, how often have you thought to yourself, “What the fuck is SHE doing with HIM?!  Why is this beautiful girl completely smitten with what looks like to be a complete troll?” Girls often find themselves dating people beneath them and are more than content with it.

There is reasoning behind this commonly uncommon pairing; the beauty and the beast. This paring usually begins when the not so good-looking guy approaches the beautiful girl. At first, the girl thinks to herself, “Are you kidding, I’m so much better than you”, but it is after multiple instances and persistence of the guy when the girl finally convinces herself “Eh, he’s not that bad, I guess I’ll give him a chance”.

It’s not that girls seek out these beastly men and do not recognize their dating potential, rather it's the simple matter GIRLS LOVE ATTENTION. They want to test the lengths the guy will go for her. The guy will in fact take great measures to pursue her because he knows he has nothing to lose.

The girl becomes attracted to these nice gestures and is suddenly intrigued by the beast. The girl knows in the back of her mind that she is superior to this guy and knows she can do better, but is attracted to the fact that she has the upper hand and does not need to worry about him cheating or fooling around with other girls.

Girls are ultimately very insecure and are willing to settle because they feel as if their vulnerabilities disappear and they won’t get hurt, when they know they have the upper hand. The beast is her security blanket, and there comes a point when looks are disregarded and there is a new emphasis on comfort and familiarity.

The girl can act and do as she pleases without worrying about what he thinks. This is when the girl starts to invest herself into this relationship. She enjoys being in the spotlight with the beast on the sidelines. This is ultimately a win-win situation for the beauty as she receives all the attention and has the beast to be her bitch.

In the end the beauty would rather be with the beast than be alone. So to all the beastly men out there take note, do not be threatened by a beautiful girl you see at the bar, you do have a chance!

Paul Crewe | Elite.