5 Things Women Do To Not Sleep With You Too Soon

by Gayana Sarkisova

Every woman you will ever meet has an unspoken dating rule; the time it will take her to sleep with you. Some have the five date rule, some won’t do it until you're mutually monogamous, and others will wait until you say those three little words that will claim/destroy your manhood.

In any case, no matter what rules she plays by, there are strategic tactics a woman will use to keep herself from going too far, too soon. You may be thinking why women even have these rules to begin with. Well, for most of our lives we’ve been told that if you sleep with him too quickly he’ll lose interest.

And, I’m sure many experienced women will also tell you that that’s true. So, if she’s trying to not sleep with you, that means she likes you and can see a future with you, so kudos to you.

Below we have listed the five things women will do to keep themselves from sleeping with you before it’s time.

Taming the jungle

This can truly be one of the most disturbing and albeit funny things she can and probably will do. The most fool proof method a woman can use when going on a date is to not shave/wax beforehand and wear jeans to the occasion. This completely ensures her that the pants will stay on tonight. No self respecting woman will ever let a man near her unless she’s fully groomed and fresh, unless of course you’ve been dating for a few years.

If it just so happens that you’re on your fifth date with a woman and she’s wearing a tiny little dress, congratulations. If it just so happens that you’re on your fifth date with a woman and she’s wearing a tiny little dress and you still didn’t score … let it go and give up on life.

Red Flag

You’ve all probably heard it before, and you will inevitably hear it again; “Sorry, it’s that time of the month.” At that point you’ll probably be calling Mother Nature a stupid bitch and curse her timing. Wrong, because there’s a 40% chance that the woman is lying about having her period and just wants to postpone doing the deed.

Insiders tip: if you are ever presented with this situation, turn around and tell her you “run red lights” even if you don’t. Her facial expression should let you know if she was lying or not.


We’ve all heard that alcohol lowers inhibitions. Well, it also puts her rules to hell. In the unofficial guidebook of women everywhere, the number of drinks you’re allowed to have on a date is two. Why? First off, she can’t look like a complete fool and not drink anything, and second, if she has more than two, there’s a good chance she’ll forget her name, let alone her rules.

Granny panties

Parachute undies are another way for her to make sure her clothes are staying on when she’s with you. Much like the aforementioned grooming situation, this one is equally as bad. There is no woman on earth that will take her clothes off in front of a man she likes when they are huge and probably grey.

You think it’s a coincidence that a woman has on matching lingerie (or has even gone commando) when you finally sleep together? Nope, that’s a fully thought out plan, which took weeks of preparation and numerous try-ons.

Fake Plans

For the record, an excuse to end a night short isn’t always a bad thing or a signal that she just wants to get the fuck away from you. Sometimes it just means let me get away from you before I fuck you. Making up a reason to leave can be her way of trying to control herself, because let’s be honest, some women can’t.


Now, to be fair there are many things you can do to make her want it so bad that she will forget about her rules, but we’ll save that for a different article.

Gayana Sarkisova | Elite.