5 Stupid Things A Guy Can Do To Make A Woman Lose All Respect For Him


A woman’s respect is like virginity: Once you lose it, you’re basically never getting it back. However, while you were probably eager to get rid of your V-card, you definitely don’t want to lose her admiration.

Let me be the first to tell you that it’s not as easy as it seems. While it goes without saying that certain things pose a risk to losing a female’s respect -- being caught in a lie, cheating, etc. -- there are other less obvious threats that unfortunately happen to line up with a lot of guys’ innate behaviors and tendencies.

Don’t take your chances. Avoid these habits and you’ll hold on to your dignity:

Firing too fast

It happens. In fact, it's an unfortunate but uncontrollable scenario that struck the men before you and the men before them. You finished too quickly during sex, and even though it’s pitch black in the room, you can still see her disappointment.

It’s enough to nearly destroy every shred of masculinity you have, but don’t let it.

There will be times when the climax occurs a tad quicker than you wanted it to, but the worst thing in the world you can do is start apologizing, or worse, feel sorry for yourself. The second you start making up embarrassing excuses for why it happened, showing shame or over explaining, she starts to lose respect.

Instead, take her by surprise, turn the tables and do whatever it takes to make sure that she gets off. She’ll definitely forget all about the fact that you were once a three-minute man.

Giving up too easily

In your mind, letting a lady “win” every battle is the right way to go. However, it’s the kiss of death in terms of your self-esteem.

When you constantly “yes” her, give up during every little altercation and cater to her every whim, she subconsciously realizes that she has total control.

No woman can respect a man who lets her get away with everything. Most of us women want to be called out when we're being unreasonable or shady.

It's okay to agree to disagree on something. Differences are what make relationships more interesting, more dynamic and more passionate. Moreover, asserting yourself builds confidence, which is the key to having her look up to you.

Surrendering to jealousy

Jealousy is a funny thing. A total lack of it in any relationship raises a female’s suspicion that you’re not at all worried about losing her. However, too much of it makes you come off as pathetic.

That means you can’t get paranoid any time she’s hanging out with guy friends or strike up a fight with every guy who smiles in her direction at a bar. You might be tempted to lose it, but doing so shows self-doubt and makes you very unattractive.

It’s natural to have a protective instinct, but channel it to prove how much you care, not how insecure you are.

Loathing your job... and doing nothing about it

If you lack ambition, you might as well have erectile dysfunction. No woman is attracted to a guy who constantly complains about his career.

Obviously, not everyone is fortunate enough to have his or her dream job, but if you’re too lazy to make a change or at least aspire to do something different, you’re going to have a tough time convincing a lady you have any drive or integrity.

It’s also a major turn-off to any female because if you aren’t passionate enough about something to pursue it, how can you possibly sustain the spark in a relationship? You don't necessarily have to love what you do, but at least have a plan, or a hobby -- anything that excites you.

Flaking out

There are so many uncertainties all around us: Your company could shut down tomorrow, and your best friend could move away next week.

Life is full of disappointments and the last thing this planet needs is men who make more of them. If you say you’re going to call, do it. If you promised to meet her friends on Friday, be there even if you’re freaked out about it.

Of course, things will come up occasionally that will shatter your plans. The more consistent you are, the clearer you can demonstrate that you’re dependable and a man of your word.

The point is, a woman needs someone she can count on. So you want respect? Then for the love of God, just follow through.

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