5 Subtle Ways She Makes Sure You Never Forget Her

Observation is a critical tool in understanding everything in this world, not to mention the things outside of it--like women. Whether you are going out on a first date, casually dating someone new, or have been with a girl for years, being attentive and observant will put you in the right position to win over the woman you strive to be with.

I work with a majority of strong, powerful and attractive women on a daily basis and have picked up on a few tips along the way. Here are 5 subtle things to notice about a woman to win her over…

1) Hair

Women change up their hair style and color all the time. This is usually the case if they want or are going through a major change in their life. Whether they are coming out of a bad breakup, going into a new position for work, or even just trying to be more adventurous, woman want people to notice that there is a change taking place in their lives.

Noticing this change in a positive way reassures them that their decision to make that change was a good one. To top it off, if you can notice even the most subtle change like a little addition of color, she'll really appreciate the fact that you pay attention!

2) A BOLD Accessory

What is a BOLD accessory you might ask? These are things like scarves, eyewear (sunglasses and reading glasses), wrist attire, or necklaces. What guys don't usually know is that these little additions to a woman’s outfit are, most of the time, the anchor pieces. Women lean on these seemingly meaningless toys to make their whole outfit.

We're on the verge of Fall, every woman's favorite time of year, and it seems that these accessories are coming into play more and more. If you notice that a woman has a colorful, new scarf on, you might want to point it out. Also, if a woman has a big necklace on that screams "Look at me", be sure to let her know you saw it! Chances are she bought that piece to stand out and be different.

3) Nail Color

Nail color is something that is overlooked by guys mostly because we don't understand it, outside of the fact that we like women who show that they take care of themselves. To take this idea a step further, you need to understand that most of the time, nail color is a direct reflection of a woman's mood.

They want to express their personality through the color of their nails. If you don't believe me, start looking around! The color, the style, and even the texture are significant. Pointing this out in the right way can only bode well for you and your potential girl in the future.

4) Shoes

"O. M. G. shoes”, no seriously, comment on her shoes! Shoes are a woman's most prized possession. They are equivalent to a guy's cars, watches or even taking first place in a fantasy football league. Point being, they take pride in their shoe collection. It was once explained to me, by a woman of course, that sometimes women know that you are looking at their legs and if she has the right shoe on, (a heel in my opinion) this will accentuate their sex appeal.

I'm not saying go up and compliment a girl every time she has a different pair of shoes on, but if you notice that she has a little pep in her step, it's probably because she's just dropped a couple of Benjamin's on a new pair of kicks.

5) Perfume

Perfume is the last, but not least, subtle thing you should notice about a woman. From my understanding, women use perfume not only to smell nice and fresh during the day, but also as a way to attract us guys so we keep them in our heads. Noticing a woman’s scent shows that you that are capable of using a different sense to appreciate her.

Most of the time women know when you are staring at her from across the room but when you point out that you like the smell of her perfume, it is more of a calculated compliment. It also is one of the more genuine and classy ways to win over a woman. Every girl wants a gentleman in the end!

Ultimately, these 5 subtle things should be considered as ways to show that you appreciate a woman and what she represents. However, I am in no way implicating that you should go out and just start firing off compliments left and right. All of these things need to be said in the right context and in good timing. Hopefully, in your quest of paying attention to the minor details, you will say the right thing at the most opportune time and wind up with an awesome chick.

One last idea I’d like to leave you with. Compliment a woman on something that is unique and specific to her, like a laugh, dimples or even her accent. Success = preparation meets opportunity. In the end, if you can show a woman you can appreciate these things, you’ll most definitely be prepared for the perfect opportunity.

Jacob Berman | Elite.