The 15 Signs You're Being Bitched By Your Girlfriend

There is a time in every man’s life where he decides that he wants some consistent box and enters a relationship. This comes at a cost, however, as many guys fall into the trap of succumbing to the control of their women.

There’s nothing more pitiful than being whipped around by your girlfriend and not even realizing it. There is literally nothing you can do as you are cast under the spell of hitting it raw.

Lucky for you, we have discovered the indications that you may be a victim of this. These are the 15 Signs You’re Being Bitched By Your Girlfriend.

15. You text her the whole time you're with your boys.

14. You take her on vacation anywhere in Europe.

13. You start planning out your Valentine's Day surprise 2 weeks in advanced.

12. Your Sundays consists of hot yoga then going to Pinkberry.

11. She makes you run to the store to pick up her tampons.

10. She has your Facebook and phone password.

9. You lose on the second argument every time.

8. She answers messages from your friends on your behalf.

7. You go vegetarian for her.

6. You've been to more Broadway shows than NBA games.

5. You have watched The Notebook with her.

4. You let her dance with all your friends when you go out.

3. You let her go on a girls only trip to Miami.

2. You eat the box and don't get the neck.

1. You don't cheat on her.

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