10 Things All Women Wish Men Would Be More Mindful Of In Bed

Sex is an activity loved by people of all ages, so being good in bed is very important. Many men can't stop talking about sex and assume they're the best out there.

They boast about their bedroom skills, but they're truly clueless as to what they’re doing wrong.

Read on to discover some common sex mistakes men should stop making, and if you're guilty, stop doing it: 

1. Be Attentive, Please

Women love foreplay and consider it to be an essential part of sex. We adore being kissed and explored. When we don’t indulge in foreplay, we feel like we’re being ripped off, as skipping foreplay makes sex feel rushed.

Yes, there are times when we get caught up in the moment, and foreplay isn't a real concern; when that happens, it’s totally awesome. When foreplay is regularly omitted, however, we’re not happy. Spend time kissing and caressing us, please.

2. No Guarantees

Sex is a two-way street. Just because you were satisfied, you can’t assume that we were, too. Unless you made an effort to make it pleasurable for us, it very well may not have been.

Keep in mind that not all women orgasm easily, and many need some extra assistance. Don’t assume we had an orgasm because if you're not sure, it likely didn't happen.

3. Refrain From Being Boring

Women have fantasies; we thrive on emotions. We read "50 Shades of Grey" and loved it; we gossip about sex just as much as you do, if not more. So, explore our fantasies. Ask us what we like and what we’ve always wanted to try.

4. Don’t Forget To Trim!

Manscaping is important. For some of us, it's almost as necessary to us as shaving our legs is to you. Keep it in mind.

5. Repetition Not Allowed

Sex should never be predictable. Women don’t want to have sex in the same position, each and every time. We like sex not to be routine; we want it to be sensual and exciting.

Remember how you couldn’t keep your hands off of us in the beginning of the relationship? Well, we want you to always feel that way about us.

6. Not Loving Oral Sex

Going “downtown” is an absolute necessity — plain and simple, no explanation needed. It should be something you do very frequently because you know we love it.

7. Actress of The Year

It’s your job to know your partner’s body. Be aware of her likes and dislikes so you can make sex as enjoyable as possible, for her (and you). As a talented lover, you’re supposed to know if she’s faking it.

8. Don’t Rush It

Coffee lines, doctor’s visits and DMV appointments are all things that should be VERY quick. Sex, on the other hand, shouldn’t be. Some men have trouble lasting long enough for their partner to enjoy herself. Let’s hope you’re not one of those!

Don't put a cap on how long sex should be. There’s no universal average, as all women have different preferences, but it should be long enough to be pleasurable for both of you.

9. Be The Man

Sometimes, we want you to demonstrate that you’re our man. Sometimes, we like you to dominate and push us against walls. Shake things up every now and then.

10. Stay With Me

After sex, many women feel emotional, even if they don't realize. Our bodies release oxytocin, which can make us a little needier than usual.

As a result, we like to relax for a few minutes after sex and cuddle. When you’re in a rush to go somewhere, you’re likely to hurt our feelings, even if you don't mean any harm. Stay and give us a few extra minutes of love.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It