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These 15 Memes About Megan Fox And MGK Are As Chaotic As They Are

No blood-drinking required.

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MGK and Megan Fox are a match made in a blood-soaked, gothic, rainbow fantasy planet and I am here for it. Knowing I will never be as remotely as wild as they are allows me to live vicariously through their various exploits. Drinking blood? Intriguing! Making out in front of the paparazzi? Only in my dreams! An engagement ring that rips my finger off? Something tells me they don’t sell those at Zales.

Before Megan met MGK, she was married to her boy-next-door husband of 10 years (and partner of 16 years), Brian Austin Green. After many ups-and-downs, broken engagements, and three children, it seemed like they finally hit their stride. But according to Brian, they began drifting apart in late 2019, and later separated. Megan met her now-fiancé in 2020, and their connection was instant and passionate from day one. As MGK later told British GQ, “Even our first kiss, she wouldn’t kiss me. We just put our lips right in front of each other and breathed each other’s breath, and then she just left.” Let’s hope they both had a mint before.

The only thing that could make this wild ride even better is if Kravis and Kete joined them to create a giant witchy punk rock commune. But until that happens, here are 15 memes about Megan and MGK that are as chaotic as they are.

Ditto. I’m just waiting for them to fuse into one unit.

I see a future Halloween couples’ costume idea.

What if behind closed doors, they’re actually just wearing sweats and ordering pizza like the rest of us?

I am starting to enjoy it, though.

Is that what’s going on?

Angelina and Billy Bob want their look back.

Reminds me of my Lasik appointment.

Can we fast forward to the end? I need to know what happens. Do they have a squadron of vampire babies? Does MGK turn into a wolf?

I once ate a space cake in Amsterdam, and I am pretty sure a bag of M&Ms told me the same thing.

I’m not sure if I’m asking questions or if they’re just forcing me to listen.

The next “family values” political talking point.

Not to brag, but I did have a guy go down on me while I was on the rag. He did not propose after.

I feel like it’s probably more like Smirnoff or Natty Light.

Honestly, it’s not fair.

Yeah, I think I’d rather have invisibility, but to each their own.