These funny captions for finally posting your new partner's face on Instagram are perfect.

25 Funny Captions For Finally Posting Your New SO’s Face On Instagram

Congrats on graduating from the soft launch!

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Ah, the soft launch. Is there anything better than posting not-so-subtle pictures of your significant other in the lead-up to your IG Official relationship announcement? Kidding, but there is a legit reason why the soft launch tends to feel easier than posting about your relationship right off the bat. When you’re keeping things vague (and keeping your partner faceless), there’s less risk involved should things fizzle out.

Dr. Daryl Johnson, Ph.D., psychologist and couples therapist, previously told Elite Daily that soft-launching can “feel like you're testing the waters with this person, and while you want the world to know, you aren't sure how far you guys will go.” But once you feel confident enough in where you two stand (and you’ve had an open conversation about the role of social media in your relationship), it might be time to post a picture that — gasp! — actually includes your SO’s face.

I’ll be honest: The timing is definitely the trickiest part of the hard launch, but it’s not the only challenge. Once you and your SO have decided to take the leap into IG Official territory, picking a caption for the post is almost as difficult and as nerve-racking.

IMO, humor is a great way to cope with early relationship butterflies. So if you’re ready to move on to that next step and reveal your SO to the world, these 25 funny captions for finally posting your new partner on IG are the way to do it.

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  1. Introducing [their name]...
  2. Spotted: us looking ridiculously happy.
  3. Mom, look, I’m not going to be single forever!
  4. Instagram-official and zero regrets 😍.
  5. Thank you, @Hinge.
  6. Randos, this is your sign to stop DM-ing me.
  7. Like for me, comment for her.
  8. We like long, romantic walks on the beach (and any other Instagrammable moment).
  9. Finally, a face to put to that side profile 🧐.
  10. I might be biased, but we look, like, really good together.
  11. Surprise! We made it past the soft-launch phase.
  12. Who wants to double-date?
  13. Emotionally available, but totally taken 💘.
  14. Look who it is!
  15. Let the couple’s Instagrams commence.
  16. 👀👀.
  17. Would ya look at that.
  18. Um, could we be any cuter?
  19. Breaking the internet.
  20. You don’t wanna know how many tries it took for us to get this pic.
  21. I usually don’t do free PR, but I’m making an exception for him 😉.
  22. I told you he was cute.
  23. Meet [their name].
  24. Guess who?
  25. Comment how you think we met.

Let these captions be a reminder that announcing your relationship should be fun and exciting, not a point of stress. At the end of the day, this post should be a celebration of you and your new partner, so try not to get too bogged down in the details. Good luck, and happy posting!


Dr. Daryl Johnson, Ph.D., psychologist and couples therapist