22 Activities You And Your BF Can Do To Cheer Yourselves Up Post-Election

by Candice Jalili

So, Trump won. You're scared for the state of our nation, and smiling just seems like a bit too much right now.

And you have every right to be upset and feel let down.

You need to take your time to grieve, but when you're ready, it's important to put some effort into smiling again.

In the wake of this crazy, disheartening election, grab your boyfriend and do some activities that are just plain FUN.

You know, the sorts of activities that make your stomach hurt from laughing so hard and your heart feel like it's going to explode because it's filled with so much love.

That is what the world needs a little more of right now. And here's how you and your guy can get it:

1. Go out in nature and remember there are still pretty things in the world.

2. Fart, and then trap each other under the sheets (because when is that not funny, amiright?!).

3. If the dutch oven thing doesn't get some laughs, a tickle war is a sure-fire Plan B.

4. Reminisce on the day you met, back when life was good and the world wasn't falling apart.

5. Tell each other exactly why you love each other, and watch as you both get those giddy, sappy smiles.


7. Go on a date somewhere with no cell service (aka no distractions or social media).

8. Go out with friends and enjoy a drink or two... or, OK, seven.

9. Cuddle and watch an entire season of a really hilarious show ("The Office," always and forever).

10. Cuddle and watch an entire season of a really scary show that makes you feel better about the state of the world in comparison. Aka, American Horror Story.

11. Cook a really difficult meal together and laugh as you inevitably fuck it up.

12. Take a really random class, like underwater basket weaving, and laugh as you inevitably fuck up.

13. Go to a sporting event, paint your faces in the teams' colors and cheer as loud as physically possible.

14. Take a nice, romantic bath together.

15. Go to a really lame concert and have fun doing weird dance moves and making fun of the music.

16. Go to a really fun concert you both will love.

17. Blast music in your apartment and slow dance in the living room like you're straight out of a rom-com.

18. Give each other massages.

19. Go to a comedy show and just laugh.

20. Play a good, old-fashioned round of Hang Man, but with a twist (if you guess the word, your partner owes you a ~sexy~ prize).

21. Go for a long drive while blasting your favorite songs and singing along.

22.  Remember that, at the end of the day, no matter how shitty the state of the world is, you guys have each other.

And that's a lot more than most people can say.