This Is What The Full Moon In Pisces Means For Each Zodiac Sign's Love Life

by Cosmo Luce
Aleksandra Kovac

The moon is a mirror in the night sky, reflecting the light of the sun. It serves to reason then that in astrological terms, the moon guides the emotional, interior life. As the sun holds its reign over your ego — your personality's essential qualities — the moon controls the watery territory of your dreams and emotions. Tonight's full moon in Pisces invites each of us to turn inward and reflect upon the romantic lessons we have learned in the past few months.

Pisces is the sign of sensitive lovers and dreamers. It's the Zodiac's most direct connection to spiritual realms. It encourages us to listen to our emotions and our intuition. When it is out of balance, it is also a sign that is associated with unhealthy escapism. When your emotions go into hyperdrive, sometimes you want to hide.

What have the shifting tides of your feelings taught you about your needs in love and relationships? What do you need to let go of in order to get the love that you deserve? If you are already grappling with these questions, here's what this full moon might conjure for you and your love life.


The full moon in Pisces is encouraging you to close a door that you have left open for too long, Aries. In romantic relationships, this door has allowed others to enter your head and your heart, and wreak havoc in the process. The Pisces full moon gives you permission to establish the boundaries that will allow you to heal and be more loving and tender with yourself. It's not about closing yourself off to love, but about allowing the right love to come in.

For you, this full moon will be about endings. If you are in a relationship right now, that means that you might be ending your relationship to something in the past that has caused you harm. If you are single, it might mean that you are going to become more discerning about the people who come into your life so you can focus on finding that special someone.


As a fixed Earth sign, Taurus, you often have trouble surrendering yourself to the watery, emotional realms. You prefer a stable love that allows you to keep your feet on the ground where you are most comfortable. Sometimes, this means that you hold on too tightly to the practical aspects of a relationship, rather than taking time to nurture your emotional bonds.

This full moon in Pisces encourages you to release the lid on your emotions and spill. If you are in a relationship, it encourages you to exalt your partner. Reflect on all the ways your relationship has been successful, and then, tell your partner exactly how much happiness they bring you. If you are single right now, reflect on the other relationships in your life that have brought you success and joy. And if you find your mind wandering to a specific someone, then that means it's probably time to ask them out.


What are the ways that love has taught you to improve yourself? Who has encouraged you to open up fresh portals and new ways of seeing? Who has given you lessons that have benefitted you? Who has made you feel unlovable, and how can this be a lesson you shed? Take what serves you in this full moon, and leave the rest behind.

Whether or not you are in a relationship right now, think about the lessons that love has taught you: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Geminis often use love as an opportunity to go looking for their long-lost twin and will conform to match the interests — and sometimes even the appearance — of their lover. The full moon in Pisces celebrates your individuality and encourages you to focus on what makes you truly you. True love wouldn't want you to change yourself to suit them. Don't be someone else's reflection when your light exists all on its own.


How do you over-mother your lovers? Are you giving this same love back to yourself? The full moon in Pisces wants you to take care of yourself, Cancer. It beckons you to examine the ways in which you extend tenderness to others, because you actually desire that tenderness for yourself. Do you worry about others because you are seeking someone who will worry about you?

The full moon in Pisces asks that you push out of your shell and tell the people who are close to you what you need to feel good. It wants you to resist the impulse to retreat when times get tough and, instead, trust that your feelings will be heard. Pisces is an emotional sign that will make everyone more open to your interior, watery realms. If you have been trying to find a way to break through, this is it.


The full moon in Pisces encourages you to practice empathy over judgment, Leo. Rather than leaping to conclusions about your romantic attachments and assuming that everyone has the same feelings that you do, use this time to quiet your fires and really tune in to what your loved ones are saying around you. This might be a time to be more of an ear than a mouthpiece.

Your enthusiasm and energy around this time might be encouraging you to rush and find a solution to solve all of your loved one's problems. Are you sure that you are the one with the answers, or is your ego driving this action? Listen to what your loved ones really need. They might not need you to do anything more than just be still with them, for once.


The full moon in Pisces has you thinking about your commitments and loyalties, Virgo. Are you committing out of habit or out of genuine feelings of devotion? As an earth sign, you can be rooted in your relationships and stay out of a sense of obligation. Be sure that the ways in which you are committing to your love are authentic, not done out of a feeling of duty.

The full moon in Pisces also encourages you to release some of your practical nature and pay better attention to your sensitive, softer side. Sometimes, what makes sense for love isn't always logical or rational. Sometimes, it doesn't seem like the cleanest course of action or the best-made plan. Love can be messy, and that makes your Virgo nature nervous. How, in the midst of interpersonal chaos, can you find peace?


Libra, this full moon finds you weighing the way in which you want those close to you to stay close to you. Particularly, if you are thinking about entering a relationship right now, you are carefully examining whether it is something that you really want. You might be questioning the motivation behind your actions. You might be doubting whether your feelings are authentic enough or true.

The full moon in Pisces wants you to tap into what your intuition is telling you at this time. You can only weigh your options for so long, so listen to your heart. Are you overanalyzing the source of your happiness? Or is your questioning coming from a place of doubt? Figure out whether you are holding your relationship up to some unrealistic ideal, or whether your hesitation is because you know you are not going to be happy in this arrangement for long. Your deepest dreams will tell you all you really need to know.


Scorpio, the full moon in Pisces places your passion and commitment to your love life at an all time high. If you are in a relationship right now, then things probably seem better than ever. Your dark nature might be causing you to question whether it's really as good as it seems, and the full moon in Pisces is here to tell you, “Yes, it really is.”

If you are a single Scorpio, then the full moon in Pisces is giving you an opportunity to connect with lots of new people on a deep, spiritual level. You might feel tempted to retreat from the spotlight, fearing that this level of connection is allowing people to look past your tough exterior and into your watery, tender depths. The funny thing is that this is exactly what is happening with this full moon, but don't fear it. They are seeing all of the beauty in you.


Sagittarius, you're feeling frisky with this full moon in Pisces, and it's encouraging you to get weird. If you are in a relationship right now, this is the time to try out new things in the bedroom. Explore your boundaries and your kinks. Nothing is going to be too strange. Pisces encourages you to plunge into your subconscious desires, and the full moon is giving you lots of room.

If you're a single Sagittarius under this full moon, then nothing is stopping you from acting on your impulses right now. Download Tinder and start swiping. I'm sure you'll find someone who is down to play with your wildest fantasies right about now. This full moon has your back.


Capricorn, if your love life has felt stagnant over the last few months, then this full moon in Pisces is encouraging you that something good is coming your way. Keep a grounded focus, and pay attention to what is happening in your work and social life. Trust that your efforts are going to pay off in a way that you haven't fathomed yet.

For you, this full moon in Pisces is all about trust: trust that you can stop trying so hard, that you deserve love, and that the universe is going to provide you with what you need. You have a tendency to work much harder than you need to, Capricorn. The full moon in Pisces wants you to sit back and allow the love to come to you.


The full moon in Pisces is causing you to plunge into your old heartbreaks, Aquarius. Whatever is happening in your love life is resurrecting some old, unresolved, childhood wounds. Your daddy issues, your mommy issues, your fear of loss, death, or abandonment are all floating up to the surface now. Allow the full moon in Pisces to help you engage in this important emotional work.

Whatever is hurting you right now needs to be healed — but it won't get healed all at once. Nobody is going to come along and rescue you from the past. It's OK to be sad, Aquarius. This full moon in Pisces wants to claim your heart in glass. This past summer has provided you with some important lessons in your love life. If you are really ready to heal your wounds and stop doing the destructive patterns that make you lose yourself, you will need to treat those lessons like holy gospel from now on.


Pisces, with the full moon in your sign, your emotions are likely running at an all-time high. This has one of two possible effects: You are either being extra kind and caring to those closest to you, or you are escaping your sensitivities through overindulgence in toxic behavior. Are you getting enough rest right now? Are you taking care of yourself?

The full moon in your sign wants you to communicate what is currently lying in your heart of hearts. If you need to tell a romantic partner — past or present — a secret that you have been holding onto, now is the time to utter it. If you have been distant from a new love interest, you need to tell them why. This full moon can be deceptive for you. It can seem like it's giving you permission to fool yourself or be dishonest with people around you. But if you're being dishonest with those you care about, it's because you're lying to yourself.

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