3 Signs You're Heading For The Friend Zone With The Guy You've Always Loved

by SHutchinson
Alexey Kuzma

Everyone's always talking about the friend zoned guy, and how hard it is for him to be in that spot. There's this stereotype that only men can be in the friend zone, which is often contributed by the fact guys have this belief women only want to date jerks and keep the nice guys to the side.

I'm here to break that stereotype and explain just how terrible it is for a girl to be the in the friend zone, too.

There seems to be this trend when it comes to the friend zoned girl. She's often the "chill" girlfriend whom everyone loves to chill with, and everyone refers to as "one of the guys." She loves to hang out and watch sports, probably loves to blaze (if you're anything like me), wears clothing that's as comfortable as possible and can talk about anything from movies and music to the person you want to be one day.

Have you ever been told you're "wifey" material? Have you been told he knows dating you would mean a serious commitment, and he's just not ready for that in his life? Have you been told you're a game changer, and dating you would lead to an awesome relationship?

Well, ladies, you've just been friend zoned. He might mean all those things, but inevitably, you probably won't end up together without a little push. Don't get me wrong; I'm the first to argue that men and women can be friends without someone wanting more. But sometimes, the heart wants what it wants.

Here are three signs you're heading for the friend zone:

1. You spend most of your time together or talking.

It doesn't matter what you're doing; you just want to be around him. You do everything together, including Netflix and chilling (not the kind that leads to more), going out to dinner, going on hikes, smoking in the backyard and going for drives. You are best friends, and when you're not together, you're usually texting.

At some point, though, things started to change. Maybe at first you didn't understand what was happening, but soon, he was all you could think about.

2. He's everything you've been looking for.

Guys are always saying women are complicated, but usually, what we want is pretty simple. All we're really looking for is someone we can talk about anything with. We want to spend time with a guy who is simple and not full of drama and complications. We want someone who understands us, and someone who doesn't judge us for all those weird things we do when we're not in public.

Have you ever been talking to him about everything you're looking for in a guy, and then you look at each other and think, "Damn, we just described each other?" Well, that's probably because it's true, and he's just not ready for the "game changer."

3. Seeing him with other girls slowly becomes painful.

If you've been friends forever, you've probably been with him through all his girlfriends. You remember all the best ones you actually miss, the crazy ones you never liked from the start and even the ones who were cool, but nothing special.

You guys are just friends, but why do his girlfriends always insist there's more going on? You could never see it. Then one day, you realized you were the constant. You finally understood what they were so mad about. There was something there all along.

By now, you're sitting on the other side of the computer screen and thinking, "Whoa, this is my life." I may have just blew up your spot, and now all you can think about is how much time you've spent in the friend zone.

How did you miss this? I mean, you just let yourself become friend zoned. Well, there's still hope. If you genuinely think it's worth risking your friendship for, go for it. Don't sit idly by while he falls for someone else, if there's no one else you want.

You should, however, remember this could end badly. Maybe he's not ready for a relationship, or he says he doesn't see you like that. Either way, be prepared. Sometimes, all someone needs is a little push.