Young couple posting IG caption for their four-month anniversary.

30 Swoonworthy Instagram Captions For Your Four-Month Anniversary

Where *four* art thou, Romeo?

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These days, we’ll collectively take any reason to celebrate, right? A promotion at work! Finding shoes on sale in the perfect size! The fact that PSLs are already back on the menu at Starbucks! They’re all occasions worth documenting and cheering for, I say — on Instagram or elsewhere. And the same is true of any and every monthiversary, especially if (and when) you’re dating someone who has turned you into the heart-eye emoji personified. So, what are some four-month anniversary Instagram captions that really encapsulate the magic of your new relationship?

Anecdotally, I’ve officially been with my boyfriend for just shy of four months now, and I (a writer!) would struggle to find words that truly capture what this short time has meant, and means, to me. Four months is a third of a year, after all. It’s a small step beyond the honeymoon phase — the point at which your relationship still feels wonderful and exciting and new, but you’ve also reached a new level of comfort with your partner, a new ease with which you two interact.

Again, it’s hard to capture all of that magic in a few short words on Instagram (or anywhere else, for that matter). But hey, let’s give it a try. If you’re looking for Instagram captions to celebrate your four-month anniversary, here are 30 silly, pun-filled, adorable ways to do just that. Go on, celebrate your love.

  • Four months down, four-ever to go.
  • I only have eyes *four* you.
  • Four is the luckiest number.
  • Cheers to one-third of a year with my better half.
  • Four (months) Loko for you.
  • Love is a four-letter word, and our love is four whole months strong.
  • “Still the one I do this four.” —Beyoncé
  • Here’s to this one passing their four-month review with flying colors.
  • Four months spent with a perfect 10.
  • A sight for sore eyes (for four months).
  • Four Strong Winds. Four strong months.
  • Four-ever and always.
  • Celebrating a season of love.
  • Quad as a squad. By which I mean: we’ve officially been dating for four months!
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  • Looking *four*ward to many more months with you.
  • Did you know fourth anniversaries are celebrated with fruit? And for four months now, you’ve been the apple of my eye.
  • Love you four-ever and a day.
  • “One, two, three, four. Tell me that you love me more.” —Feist
  • It’s all four you, baby.
  • 345,600 seconds with you.
  • Four months of loving you and liking you more and more each day.
  • Falling hard for four months.
  • Is getting IV tattoos like Beyoncé and Jay-Z an appropriate way to celebrate four months together? Asking for a friend.
  • For you, anything. Four months down.
  • Four! More! Months! Four! More! Months!
  • “[Four] love, ‘til I found you.” —Liam Payne, Rita Ora
  • Est. Four Months Ago.
  • Four-ever young.
  • “Foreva? [Four]eva-eva? Foreva-eva?” —Future
  • Where *four* art thou, Romeo?

Congratulations — happy *four* you!

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