3 Reasons The Girl Who Has Been Single Forever Will Become The Best Girlfriend

by Shinjini Das

We all know the forever single girl. She may be our friend, cousin or sister. To be honest, she may even be you.

There is something so beautiful about being single. We have an infinite opportunity to explore our passions, live our lives exactly the way we want to live and validate ourselves from -- you guessed it -- ourselves.

While many people think the forever single girl will be single forever, she will actually be the greatest girlfriend ever and here's why.

1. She understands true love because she is deeply in love with herself.

This girl has fallen in love with herself over and over again in her time being single.

She knows herself better than anyone else, and she loves her personality, body, mind and soul with a visceral depth.

She loves who she is, so when she finds the man of her dreams, she will love him with a fierce loyalty and depth.

In her free time, she listens to the music she likes, dances her heart out, shops for herself and takes long peaceful walks outside.

She loves being alone and doesn't need anyone to validate her. Her independence is attractive to those who know her, and especially to the man who falls head over heels for her.

Susana Ramírez

2. She has lived in her thoughts her entire life, so she will understand his mind better than he will.

The forever single girl is used to living in her own thoughts. This babe has dreamed of her ideal life in her mind, so when she finally meets Mr. Right, she will be able to recognize the depths of his mind because she already knows him better than he knows himself.

She has been subconsciously preparing to meet him her entire life, so she understands him well... really well. She will be able to have fun with him and together they will build a life of incredible joy.

She has spent a lot of time thinking about other people, so empathy comes naturally to her. She will be able to walk in his shoes with a perspective that will awe her new man because he has never been with someone so aware of those around her.

3. She is incredibly big-hearted and a giver to her core, which means she will give her heart to you.

This girl has given love, happiness, joy and laughter to others her entire life, which means when she finally meets a man worthy of her, she will fill his life with infinite joy, love, affection and happiness.

She loves to give to those who mean the most to her. Some girls may be emotionally unavailable, but not her. If he truly deserves her, she is ready to love him like he has never been loved before and he will feel like the luckiest man in the world.

She knows she may get hurt, but she risks it all for the man who she thinks deserves her. Any man in the world would be supremely blessed to be loved by the forever single girl.

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Men who fall in love with the forever single girl are truly fortunate because the love of a forever single girl cannot be compared to any other love.

She has saved her love for you, and she will love you with a depth which will shock you, surprise you, confuse you and make you feel like the king of her dreams.

My forever single ladies, your love is precious, so give it only to the men who truly deserve you!