Why Calling Yourself 'Forever Alone' Only Sets You Up For Failure

by Alexa Mellardo

Forever is a very long time. And without risk in life, there is no gain.

The “forever alone” girl willingly builds a wall around her heart and decides she doesn't want to be tied down in a relationship for fear she:

1. Will be disappointed 2. Will meet someone who interferes with her career goals 3. Can't live without her independent stability 4. Will develop trust issues 5. Will lose her sense of self in the process 6. Will get her heart broken... which hurts the most

Feeling any (or all) of the above, she shuts people out of her life because she has her mind completely set on being... well, “forever alone.”

The fear can be too real and all-consuming.

Let's get one thing straight though, my "forever alone" girls: “Me time” is definitely an important time in your life to explore and do you.

But eventually, when the time is right, you'll realize you're missing out if you don't open yourself up to letting things happen when the right person comes along.

You'll lose the right guy because you didn't take a chance, and he won't wait around forever.

Take this old – but beautiful – cliche, for example: “It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

It's very possible being alone and independent forever may seem like a good idea now. But you'll probably regret it later on in life.

If the “forever alone” girl waits TOO long on purpose, the pickings will be much slimmer.

Think about seeing every single one of your close gal pals having awesome hubbies and families one day. Going down the “forever alone” road can be the loneliest journey ever, so is it really worth it?

Sure, there's always a chance you may get hurt, but the thrill of taking that chance is what makes life so incredibly exciting.

When you get pushed down, you learn how to pick yourself up and stand strong... like the confident woman you always were.

Overall, “forever alone” is a negative mindset... and no one finds a negative attitude attractive.

“I'm independent AF and willing to explore new options for the future.” Now, you're talking with a more positive mindset.

The “forever alone” girl can also take on a “woe is me” attitude, and that's not a place anyone should be.

If anything, live life thinking that when you meet the right person, you'd be down to try a potential relationship. And truth be told, who do you think you'll meet anyway, exuding all those negative vibes?

For all my “forever alone” gals out there: Building a life together with your soulmate can be absolutely spectacular, even if you originally thought you'd be alone forever.

The risk always ends up being worth it.