What Your Go-To Flirty Emoji Says About You

Recently I've been hearing all of this hoopla about how people who frequently use emojis are apparently hornier than the rest of us.

First off, I hate the word "horny." It's gross. It sounds like something disgusting. And not hot disgusting, just like repulsive and gross. So let's replace it with something sexier: Frequent emoji users love to make love more than the average person (TM Candice Jalili).

Anyways, no matter what word we're using for it, if you use a lot of emojis, you're a big flirt who's looking to bone. But I, a frequent emoji user myself, am sitting here with a million thoughts racing through my head, because um, hello ... THERE ARE SO MANY EMOJIS!

Like, sure, we are all mega horndogs, but what KIND of horndogs are we?!? Let me tell you.

Sly Smirking Face