Why Having A Fling Will Help You Flawlessly Get Back On The Dating Scene

Breakups: We can't avoid them, so we have to experience them. Sometimes, you're the one being dumped. Sometimes, you're the one doing the dumping. Let's face it: Breakups are hard. No one likes them.

After a breakup, you go through the normal stages of getting over your ex: denial, desperation for answers, bargaining, anger and acceptance.

However, there's one stage people tend to forget about, and that's the fling stage. Alright: It technically isn't a “stage,” but it's an important phase we all should go through.

This is the phase after you're done being single, but before you're ready to get into another serious relationship. You get to meet new people as often as you'd like, and you have mini-relationships.

Think of this stage as a hiatus from relationships and the single life. Here are five reasons flings are the perfect way to get back into the dating game:

1. They're simple.

A huge difference between a fling and a relationship is flings aren't serious. They're short little love affairs. Because a fling can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, you don't have to worry about the future.

Your partner is merely a temporary tool you're using to get back into the dating game and please your sexual needs. That is an unspoken mutual agreement.

Most of the time, both people know it's a fling. It's a flame that burns quickly.

2. You don't have to impress (as much).

In a relationship (especially during the beginning stages), you want to impress your SO. At the very least, you don't want to be your lying-around-the-house-with-no-shower self. The beauty of flings is you don't have to be constantly beautiful right off the bat.

You know it is short-lived, so you don't have to dress to impress. You're going all in right away. Take it or leave it.

3. They build your self-confidence.

When you're single and not looking to mingle, you can look however you damn well please, whenever you damn well please. You don't even have to shower. You can leave the house, not caring what people think about you or your hygiene.

But when it's time to mingle and you don't want to put much effort into getting ready, flings are your go-to for a confidence boost. They remind you that you still have the goods, all while relieving the pressure of being in a relationship.

4. There aren't any labels.

Whenever I see that my friend has posted about being in another relationship on Facebook, I ask myself why anyone would want to broadcast it. I understand that people are proud of being with their SOs and want to show them off to the world, but by doing so, they're also inviting the world into their relationships.

With flings, there are no labels, so there is no pressure of being someone's girlfriend or boyfriend. Since you aren't officially anything, there is no jealousy from you or anyone else. You are simply two people who enjoy spending time together, and that's all it is.

5. They're spontaneous.

In relationships, you eventually get into routines: even sexual routines. One example of this is Friday night date nights. That Friday is probably the only quality time you can spend with your SO.

The good thing about flings is, they're booty calls with a friend. You can text your partner and show up at his or her house within five minutes, ready to do it. Or, if you're in the mood to go see a movie, your partner will be down for that as well.

There isn't a schedule, so you are free to do whatever you like, whenever you like.

Relationships are amazing, but they can be heart-aching. With flings, you can satisfy your sexual desires and have somebody there for you without the pressures and struggles of a relationship.

Flings are the beautiful moments between accepting the breakup and diving into a new, serious relationship. You need time to heal from your breakup, but you also need that vital transition period where you allow yourself to get used to having a romantic interest in your life.