15 Little 'Flaws' The Woman You Love And Call Perfect Should Have

by Paul Hudson

I hate perfection with a passion -- not because I’m jealous of it, but it's another one of the many mythical creatures we’re taught to believe in growing up. Perfect isn’t real. It doesn’t exist -- never did and it never will.

There's nothing perfect existing in this universe, especially not humans. We are arguably the most flawed of them all. When we look for a mate -- a life partner -- we look at flaws as negatives. We look at all the "bad" traits as things we need to avoid.

But for those of us who understand perfection is an impossibility, there’s not much more we can do than accept flaws. Of course, not all flaws are made equal. Here are a few you should look for in your “perfect” woman:

1. She cares about you too much.

She thinks about you throughout the day and makes all her decisions with your happiness in mind. She wants you to be happy because watching you smile makes her happier than anything else in the world.

2. She takes too long to get ready.

You were supposed to meet at 8 -- it’s now 8:47 and you’re still sitting on the couch, watching her pick out outfit after outfit.

It drives you crazy she can never be on time to anything, but at the same time… she looks amazing when she’s done.

3. She has a knack for pointing out your flaws.

You know you’re flawed. You know she knows you’re flawed. But to actually have to face the fact and maybe even change it is not something you -- or anybody else -- wants to especially do.

Yet, you know it’s for the best and you love her.

4. She does things completely out of the blue -- just for you.

She surprises you with picnics, road trips and other adventures. She’s spontaneous and somewhat uncontrollable. You never get bored because she doesn’t give you enough time to breathe. She makes you feel guilty you don't try as hard.

5. She spends way too much time picking out the perfect gift for you for every occasion.

Without fail, she always has the perfect gift for you. It’s impossible for you to compete!

And the truth is she isn’t looking for you to. All she wants is for you to care enough to put the time and effort into what you buy her the way she does for you. It doesn’t matter to her what the gift is -- just that you love her enough to find what you believe to be perfect for her.

6. She takes care of herself and makes you look like a slob in comparison.

Always exercising. Always eating healthy. Always looking like a bombshell in the skin-tight dress that wraps around her curves.

7. She’s always right.

Every damn time -- as if she were a clairvoyant of some sort. There’s no point of arguing with her because she knows better than you do 99 percent of the time, which really sucks since you like arguing so much. But hey, at least she’s on your team.

8. She somehow manages to both need you and not need you, which infuriates you.

Sometimes it seems like her world would fall apart without you, and other times it seems she can take care of herself better than you can. You didn’t think it was possible for one person to both depend on you and be more-than-fine without you. You hate it... yet you also love it.

9. She forces you to improve yourself, which takes a lot of work.

She pushes you in your career, in your personal goals and in the relationship the two of you have. She refuses to accept how lazy you are, no matter how much you protest. She expects you to be the man of her dreams, so you better get off your ass and live the life you've always dreamed of.

She wants you and loves you -- but she would prefer the version of you she knows you've always wanted to be. She’s happy to be the push you need.

10. She’s never afraid to speak her mind.

Half the time, you’re worried she’s going to say something to someone that’s going to make your life more difficult, but the other half, you can’t help but smile and laugh at the things she says.

She has her opinions and she lets others know exactly what they are. She may be a bit of a loudmouth, but she’s your loudmouth.

11. She always wants to be holding your hand or to be held in your arms.

It’s summer and 95 hundred degrees outside -- and she refuses to let go of you. Sure, it’s cute, but less cute when our hands get all sweaty and sticky.

Nevertheless, when the seasons change and she snuggles up next to you, you love every second of it. Of course, you’d never tell her -- and definitely never tell your friends -- but those are some of your favorite moments together.

12. She’s always leaving her comfort zone and dragging you along with her.

Always trying new things, new foods, traveling to foreign places where no one speaks English -- sometimes she’ll even ask you what you could never imagine yourself doing and then makes a point to make you do it.

She drives you nuts most of the time, but it turns out your life is much more exciting for it.

13. She expects you to love her more than you’ve ever loved another woman.

She will not take second under any circumstances. She wants you -- all of you -- to be hers. Past, present and future. She wants you for herself and never plans on sharing.

14. She makes you feel like you could lose her at any time.

Most of the time, you feel like your relationship is safe. But then, just when you get too comfortable, you’re reminded of how incredible she is and how many other men would kill to be with her.

She doesn’t rub it in your face -- she’s too cool for that. Instead, she makes you figure it out on your own, which is 100 times worse.

15. She expects you to spend the rest of your life with her.

She wants to lie down next to you every night and wake up next to you every morning. She wants you to be there for her every single time she's sick, every time she's sad, every time life is too much for her to handle.

She expects you to support her when she can’t support herself and to risk your life for her if circumstances required it. She wants you -- all of you.

She doesn’t just want to be a part of your future; she wants to be your future. The funniest thing is, she doesn’t believe any of this is too much to ask. Then again, she would do exactly the same for you… so I guess she has a point.

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