Real-Life Prince Charming Builds Elaborate Fairytale Puzzle To Propose To GF


The holidays are one of the most romantic times of the year.

Even if you're drowning your single sorrows in some spiked eggnog, you can't even be bitter at love around this time.

Whether that's a new couple finally admitting feelings for each other or a couple who is ready to take their relationship to the next huge stage.

Reddit user BigChewyPretzels knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his girlfriend, but he also wanted to make the proposal as storybook-worthy as the fairytales she grew up making for her own family.


He wrote,

Growing up, Shirin loved to make fairytale story books for her family so, for the proposal, I decided to create a fairytale story based on our relationship. Each page was locked until she solved a puzzle about our relationship. On the last page, when she solved the puzzle the ring appeared.

Chapter one is about how the couple first met. He wrote,

To solve the puzzle, you need to know that we met at SantaCon, how we were dressed and where we had our first kiss. I was Super Santa, she was Ms. Gingerbread and we kissed under a mistletoe. Once those three elements in the circle are lined up, the christmas tree can slide up. That unlocks the next chapter.

The book itself is eight pages. Half the pages have a story etched into the wood, and the other half are puzzles.

He said,

The back cover is the road we were traveling on the day that I proposed. I found an image online and then photoshopped the RV in. Around the edges you'll see that I added semi-circles with little engagement rings embedded.

Meanwhile, I will probably be proposed to in a Burger King parking lot.

When his girlfriend reached the end of the book, she discovered a handmade engagement ring.


If you love someone enough to build something like this, this romantic fella made a how-to guide.

Oh, and she said yes.

How could she not? A stranger could hand me this in Port Authority in New York City at three in the morning, and I would say yes.

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