34 Excruciating Thoughts We Have About Our Exes On Social Media

by Alexandra Strausman

Everyone has the one who got away. You shared a magical time together, but you somehow let the person slip through your fingers.

Maybe it was just a summer fling or a between-the-sheets romance.

But for the brief coupling it was, you swear it felt like the real deal.

It felt like love, and now, it's gone.

What happened? Why does it bother us so much when people get away?

Yeah, we never said "I love you" to each other, but love was there.

It was in the whispers in my ear, your coat on my shoulders and the look you gave me before we kissed.

I saw plans in your look. I saw a future in your look.

I felt it. You felt it. I have to believe that because it’s all I have left to believe.

This — the whole "he swept her off her feet" thing — happens so often.

There were our charming dates, the brush of my hand on yours in the park before you grabbed it and that first kiss. Then, all of a sudden, there was the last kiss.

I felt the promise for more. In between all of your “I haven’t felt this way in so long” gasps for air as you kissed me, I thought you felt it, too.

What happened?

We joke about the one who got away. We try to hate him or her, but that’s just how we make it easier for ourselves.

We’re left hot and bothered with no two-week notice they’re leaving us, and we're afforded no sense of closure after they've left.

There’s this enthralling excitement of falling for someone, and then it's stolen from us.

We’re left with the painful “What’s wrong with me?” question and the “What could I have done better?” contemplations.

Here are the thoughts everyone has about the one who got away:

1. I was good for you.

2. You were good for me.

3. The chemistry was outstanding.

4. He looks good on Facebook.

5. Stop smiling at me through your screen.

6. I’m going to unfollow you.

7. Unfollowed. Wow, this is going to rock.

8. I'm following you again.

9. It’s only because you’re looking really good.

10. Pull it together.

11. He viewed my Snapchat story.

12. Was my laugh annoying in the background?

13. How long ago did he view it?

14. Does he miss me?

15. Pull it together.

16. I'm near his hometown.

17. Do I send a "mass" Snapchat? But really, it's a personal Snapchat with my geotag.

18. I think yes.

19. He opened it.

20. Is he going to text me to hang out?

21. Should I wait and see if he does?

22. I'm debating it.

23. Pull it together.

24. He commented on a picture I'm tagged in.

25. It's a group photo. Did he see I was in it?

26. Does he want me to get the notification?

27. Am I going to be okay?

28. Am I okay?

29. Do you think he still thinks about me?

30. Do you think he still remembers what I'm holding onto so dearly?

31. Are we "meant to be"?

32. Is the world somehow spinning in a direction that will force us back together again one day?

33. Is fate real?

34. Butterflies suck.

We have to remember that for every one person you can't be with, there are a million other someones out there who also deserve chances. It's hard to believe right now, but there is hope.

We all know the clichéd phrase that says, “There are a million fish in the sea."

What are we waiting for? I’m jumping in the water.

Join me.