50 Questions You Need To Stop Asking Single People Immediately


Asking single people why they are single is basically as stupid as asking Cady Heron why she is white. It's socially awkward and downright offensive, which is why you should keep your curiosity to yourself.

As much as these people embrace being single, do you think it's all they ever want to talk about? I'm not sure which is worse: getting harassed by your wifed up friends or your fellow singles.

But one thing is certain: the questions are f*cking annoying and you really would rather not have to even entertain them. So what are some of the questions single people are tired of being asked? I think we've got them all covered...

1. Why are you single?

2. How are you still single?

3. How does the fact that all your friends are getting married make you feel?

4. Do you like being single?

5. Do you want me to set you up with someone?

6. What do you do on Valentine's Day?

7. Are you lonely?

8. Do you think your standards are too high?

9. Who do you go to the movies with?

10. What's it like to eat alone?

11. If you don't use it, will you really lose it?

12. Do you watch a lot of porn?

13. What do your parents think?

14. Are they disappointed?

15. Do you want to come out with me and my boyfriend so we can wingman you?

16. Who do you take to functions?

17. What do you do on the weekends?

18. How often do you Tinder?

19. What about Hinge?

20. Grindr?

21. Do you listen to a lot of Drake?

22. How many exes do you text nightly?

23. What's it like to be able to have sex with whomever you want?

24. Do you use protection?

25. How often do you go out?

26. Do you ever think of putting yourself out there more?

27. Do you know Netflix isn't a significant other?

28. Do you ever think you may be the problem?

29. Have you ever heard of the Joe, the homeless millennial?

30. Do you believe in love?

31. Do you ever just get really, really sad?

32. Who do you go to parties with?

33. Are you really not seeing anyone?

34. Have you just given up?

35. Have you tried OkCupid?

36. Is it hard meeting people in your city?

37. Do you realize how brave you are?

38. When do you have time to meet new people?

39. Do you go on dates often?

40. Where do you think you're going to find someone with that attitude?

41. Do you work too much?

42. Why do you think you're alone?

43. Do you work out?

44. Are you waiting to get back with your ex?

45. Do you believe in soulmates?

46. Are your parents pressuring you to get married?

47. Are you capable of actually loving someone other than yourself?

48. How long has it been since your last relationship?

49. When was the last time you got laid?

50. How have you not found anyone yet?