Why All Men Should Ask What Kind Of Engagement Ring His GF Wants

by Kacey

The big moment, “The One Where You Ask Her to Marry You” episode of your life story, is getting closer.

You're dying to propose, but in all your eagerness, you've forgotten something vital to your SO's happiness: What kind of ring does she want?

A family heirloom may be a beautiful tradition, but does it truly fit her? Or does she want a ring she can call her own?

If she wants a new ring picked out just for her, what kind of style does she want? She it be big and flashy, or classic and demure? And how much money does she expect you to spend on it?

Despite your fear she'll reject your proposal if you don't get the ring just right, you don't have to buy a diamond the size of Jupiter to convince her to say yes.

Give both of yourselves more credit, and find the perfect engagement ring for your future fiancée by remembering these three things:

Some women want to keep it simple.

When you get down on one knee, you ideally want your question to result in a kiss that screams "YES!" The ring you get plays a part in that decision (albeit it's most likely a small part).

Many engagement rings are too decorative for certain tastes. The stone may be too big or have too much embellishment. You don't want her ring to be too uncomfortable to wear. (She is going to be wearing it for awhile, after all.)

So, take a look at the kinds of rings she wears in her everyday life. Choose something that will stand out, but will still fit with her personality.

Maybe she should've been born when art nouveau was at its height, and her desired ring fits into that era. A simple band inscribed with a thoughtful message, symbol or your intertwining initials may be perfect for her.

The ring should speak specifically to your bond, so buy one that you feel personifies your relationship.

She's a unique gem.

Diamonds may not be your girl's best friend, and the talk about the rarity of diamonds is due to an old marketing campaign.

In 1947, copy writer Francis Gerety coined “A diamond is forever” for a beer ad and jumpstarted the diamond craze, which has now become a time-honored tradition.

If she prefers a diamond, give her a diamond. There's nothing wrong with that.

If you want to break tradition, give her a gemstone that has unique meaning, expresses what she means to you and/or symbolizes your union.

Intertwine your birthstones on a ring. Venus, the goddess of love, was born from the foam of the sea. So, your choice may be a pearl for her.

The Garnet is a stone representing emotional strength. Has she weathered many storms and inspired you? Choose a unique gemstone that speaks to her strength.

There's a rarity to her.

There's something about the way she laughs, moves and brightens up a room. She has a way of transforming the atmosphere around her.

You could say that about any woman, really, but what makes your fiancée so rare and unique isn't a cliché. You've felt it. You know.

When considering an engagement ring, many people default to gold without realizing there's a more affordable and rare metal out there: platinum.

Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold. It ages better, too, developing a rich patina finish from a natural white.

You can even make it an heirloom, thanks to its lasting quality. This metal can be passed down for generations to your sons or daughters, as the dense metal is resistant to scratch and corrosion.

Honor her uniqueness and individuality by choosing a band that's as strong and everlasting as she is.

Every man should ask what kind of ring his girlfriend wants before he pops the question.

Hold your horses before you propose, and hold her hand, instead. Take a sneak peek at the kinds of rings she wears. Ask her what her dream ring would be (if you dare). It's OK to feel nervous.

You don't have to spend a boatload of money on a big diamond to impress her, unless that's what she wants.

Choose an engagement ring that honors the unique and beautiful gem she is, and your life's journey as a couple will start with the most amazing proposal you could ever imagine.