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Emma Hernan's latest quote about her and Christine Quinn's mutual ex makes it clear that she's not o...

Emma Called Out Christine For Making Their Mutual Ex A Storyline On Selling Sunset

And the drama continues…

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During her first season of Selling Sunset, Emma Hernan was thrown right into the drama with the series’ self-proclaimed villain, Christine Quinn. The duo both dated Peter Cornell, another agent with the Oppenheim Group, years earlier. And although having a mutual ex with someone should not make you instant enemies, it definitely didn’t help them get along. The drama didn’t stop when the cameras stopped rolling, either. Though Season 4 stopped shooting in July 2021, Hernan is still talking about what happened, and her latest quote about Quinn and Cornell isn’t exactly throwing any water on the fire.

During a Dec. 28 episode of the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Hernan revealed some BTS information about her drama-filled storyline with Quinn. Apparently, she knew that their past romances with Cornell were bound to come up. She just had no idea that it would be the main storyline of the season.

“I thought, you know, it’d have to be touched on. We’d address it and move forward, but no, it went to a whole other level… Of course, [that’s going to happen] when things are being said that aren’t truthful,” Hernan explained to Amanda Hirsch, the podcast host. (Hernan and Mary Fitzgerald, another Selling Sunset castmate, both accused Quinn of lying when she claimed that they dated Cornell at the same time and that they were both engaged to him within months. Quinn even insinuated that he gave them the same engagement ring.)


According to Hernan, she did not understand why Quinn kept the drama and lies going. “The entire time anything was mentioned when it came to [the Cornell situation], I was just that constant emoji of, you know, the brain exploding,” she said. “I don’t understand it. I don’t resonate with that.”

She also was confused about Quinn’s “infatuation” with the drama, considering she’s happily married (to someone else) and a new mom. “If I’m in a relationship, and you know, obviously she’s married with a baby, and you know, you’d think that would be the priority,” Hernan said.

“Unfortunately, there’s an infatuation with the relationship that happened years and years ago. I don’t understand it, and I don’t agree with,” she added. “I don’t understand what is wrong with somebody that is so infatuated with a situation that happened so far in the past.” (BTW, the two-timing claims that Quinn suggested would have happened back in 2017.)

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Hernan also had a response for Quinn insinuating that production was the real instigator. ICYMI, in Nov. 2021, Quinn told Page Six that “part of being on a reality show is you have to talk about things that you wouldn’t necessarily even give a sh*t about in real life. So, we all did our best to try to make a good season out of it.”

Suffice to say, Hernan doesn’t buy Quinn’s explanation. “The cameras, the producers, no one told her to say what she said. She took that upon herself. Of course, it’s easy now [to blame production], but production wouldn’t say to make up a lie,” Hernan said.

Um, so I guess we’ll be seeing more of this storyline in Season 5? Maybe Cornell will even make a guest appearance...