This Guy's Snapchats Of His Drunk Girlfriend On A Night Out Are Hilarious

by Candice Jalili

When I think of my "dream boyfriend," a few guys come to mind. Ashton Kutcher would be nice. Seth Cohen from "The OC" would just be an absolute dream. Maybe even Vince Vaughn could be nice husband material.

That being said, none of those guys even hold a candle to this guy.

I've said it once and I'll say it again: I want to date a guy who has no problem with me getting drunk and doing weird things with my friends. Unfortunately, most guys aren't quite crazy about the prospect of their girlfriend getting hammered and doing God knows what.

But this guy isn't most guys. No, when his girlfriend gets hammered he is along for the ride 100 percent... with his camera in tow.

In this hilarious and absolutely epic Snapchat story, this guy takes us along on his journey as he babysits his drunk girlfriend, Elizabeth (who also happens to be an absolute legend).

Throughout the video he proves himself to be every drunk party girl's dream man. While most boyfriends would babysit their drunk girlfriends by taking them home and putting them to bed, this guy is brave enough to follow Elizabeth around for a night on the town (while making sure she stays safe).

He helps her fit into her dress even with her food baby, cheers her on as she challenges random men to pushup contests and laughs as she tries to stuff a bag of potato chips in her crotch. He even helps ease her inevitable Sunday Scaries by keeping her fairly anonymous by only using her first name and never showing her face directly.

And what I love the most about him is he's not just following her like a lost pathetic puppy. No, he is making fun of her for being absolutely absurd (like when she **SPOILER ALERT** decides to just casually take a red solo cup from a live beer pong game and just casually start sipping on it or when he finds her in the boys bathroom). But you just know there's a little part of him that's proud to be with his super hot life-of-the-party girlfriend.

A modern day Casanova.

Without further ado, here they are. My favorite couple of all time.

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