33 Women Reveal Douchebag Things Men Have Said During Sex


Not too long ago, I was hooking up with a guy when he suddenly grabbed my AA boobs and told me he loved my "huge tits." Then he started laughing hysterically.

And there it is -- my story. The thing is, for every straight woman, there’s at least one story about what some dipsh*t thought it would be okay to say to her in bed.

But sometimes these stories are so awkward and weird that we don’t feel comfortable talking about them with our friends. So I thought I’d create a space where girls could share their stories. And share they did.

Do yourself a favor. Take a look at these douchebag stories and remember that you aren't alone. And let's hope every single one of these idiot's contracts a disgusting (but maybe not life-threatening) STD.

When he made a weird comment about your body…

—Lucy, 21

—Melissa*, 23.

—Leslie*, 22

—Jos*, 22

When you didn’t want to have sex with him…

—Lydia, 23.

—Carlene*, 21

—Lauren*, 22

—Hannah*, 22

—Alena*, 21

When he was just a giant d*ck…

—Annie*, 23

—Heather*, 22

When you gave him a blowjob…

—Anna*, 23

—Charlotte*, 21

—Rachel*, 23

When you didn’t give him a blowjob, but he REALLY wanted one…

—Lola*, 21

—Charlotte, 22

—Emily*, 18

When he was just kind of weird…

—Kelly*, 22

—Julia*, 21

—Nicole, 21

When you guys were done having sex…

—Claudia*, 21

—Kaitlyn, 26

—April, 23

—Melanie*, 21

—Miranda, 22

—Samantha*, 22

— Candice* 21

—Crystal*, 24

—Jensen, 19

When he spit some mad game on you…

—Shaniah*, 26

—Meagan*, 24

*Name has been changed