If You Don't Love My Dog As Much As I Do, Can You Really Be My Boyfriend?

I'm the mama of two adorable puppies: a little boy and a little girl. They're twins and inseparable best friends.

Ever since I first locked eyes with them, I've been undeniably hooked. It was love at first sight, and I knew I couldn't leave without taking them home with me.

Confession: I will confidently own up to the fact that I'm one of those crazy dog owners. I'm totally (and rightfully) obsessed with my puppies… to the extreme. #NoShame, though.

A dog's number one job is to be adorable at all times, and I can only imagine how exhausting that can be.

So, a dog owner's number one job should be to spoil the little munchkins endlessly... because why the heck not?

I know for a fact that my puppies live to be pampered, and they deserve it. I tuck them into their bed each night with a cozy blanket, and I surround them with all their favorite toys.

When it's pancake Sunday, you can be sure this chick will be be making two tiny sand dollar pancakes on the griddle for the babies to eat too.

They wouldn't have it any other way, of course. They're complete and utter divas, and they enjoy the finer things in life.

Overall, it's clear snuggling is a little fluff ball's favorite pastime, along with exuding constant love and joy.

For real, though: Have you ever seen a human as happy as a dog is on the reg? I HIGHLY DOUBT IT.


When it comes down to it, can you blame a gal for the things she does for the puppies she loves to the moon and back?

I'm sure every dog owner out there can relate to this: It's just how we roll. But does everyone else feel the same way we do about our dogs?

When the time comes for that special someone to walk into our life, many of us ask ourselves one very important question:

If you don't love my dog as much as I do, can you really be my boyfriend?

Trust me, guys: If a gal is totally obsessed with her dog, she's hardcore judging you at ALL TIMES.

TBH, I really don't think I could date a guy who didn't love and appreciate my puppies as much as I do. It would never work out.

If he hates playing with them and rolls his eyes when they're trying to be all cute and such – as well as refuses to show them any attention whatsoever – you're toast, dude.

How can you NOT put on a ridiculous smile when you see a little face like this?

My babies will always come first in my eyes.

A guy may actually be completely clueless about this, but how he treats a girl's dog can reveal a lot about his character.

1. First and foremost, dog lovers make the best boyfriends.

Exhibit A.

JUST SAYING: There's an entire Instagram account dedicated to hot dudes posing with dogs. Can you feel the love (and sexiness)?

2. When a guy makes a natural effort to bond with your dog, he's off to an awesome start.


If a guy puts the time and effort into bonding with your adorable pooch, things are definitely looking up.

3. Sweet, candid moments that a girl captures behind her guy's back are the best.

These moments mean the most because they show he's genuinely interested in her dog. He's not faking or planning it.

4. If he respects your dog, he respects you.


This actually shows he cares so much about you, he wants to impress you by impressing your dog. This is extremely high up in your book (and it's really sweet, too).

Essentially, if you love your dog endless amounts, you should probably have a boyfriend who thinks of your dog as his own... because we all know dog lovers truly make the best boyfriends.