Why You Shouldn't Give That Guy Who Ghosted You A Second Chance

by Anne Cohen
Mattia Pelizzari

It's important to appreciate what we have when we have it. Many times, people don't know what they have until it's no longer theirs.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated and loved by someone when they have the opportunity, not when the opportunity is gone or when things have ended.

If you think about it, when people don't appreciate you when they have you and acknowledge how great you are, then what's the reason for them coming back to you? Did they have to explore other people and other situations or to feel free for a while in order to truly appreciate how great you are?

It's a personal choice on whether or not to accept someone into your life again. But for the most part, I don't think we should give second chances to people who ghost, don't value or appreciate us when they have us. If you ask me, it's too little, too late.

In the same manner that someone should know your worth, you should know your worth as well. When people have truly balanced lives, they make time for the ones they care for. They make time for romance, love and relationships as well as their other priorities.

Just like everything else in life, relationships take hard work. People need to appreciate the opportunity to love you and they need to value who you are and what you give to the relationship.

If someone has questioned their love for you before realizing how much they care, they're not worth it. There are only rare occasions in which I feel that second chances in relationships should happen.

In life, we're given opportunities and usually only one shot at getting what we want. For the people that take advantage of having great opportunities in life, I don't necessarily feel that they should be given a second shot.

When you're in a healthy relationship and a person truly loves and adores you, they won't take you for granted or only love you after you're gone.

If someone acted poorly to you, cheated on you or acted as if they didn't care whether or not you were together, then they shouldn't have another chance at doing the same thing again.

I don't believe in making up and breaking up. If anything, you should use the fact that someone ghosted you as an opportunity to start over, like a wake up call.

There will always be issues and problems in relationships. If people aren't willing to stick around, hash things out or work on improving things in the relationship, then they're not the right match for you. You can't be the only one fighting in a relationship.

You need to be with a partner who will truly act like a partner and not give up when things are hard. Overcoming challenges in life and in relationships is what brings strength, happiness, and ultimately success.

Remember, when someone ghosts you, they're not really all that interested. If anything, they might even just want you because they can't have you and they like the challenge. You should never want to or agree to be in a situation where someone wants you because you're unavailable, because they don't truly love you for you.

As soon as you express your love to them, the chase will be over and they'll eventually ghost and set you free again. You should be with someone that not only loves you with their words, but with their actions as well.