7 Lessons Donald Trump Surprisingly Can Teach Us About Love

by Nick Bastion
Getty Images

What can Donald Trump and his crazy policies, outlandish statements and ludicrous comments teach us about love? You might assume he could only show us the opposite, but maybe not.

Here are seven lessons Donald Trump teaches us about love:

1. Polarizing personalities get noticed.

If one person loves you and one person hates you, you still end up with one person loving you. But if you're walking around afraid to be heard in fear that someone will reject you, guess what happens? No one hates you, but no one loves you, either.

If you are afraid of being hated, you make it less likely that you will be loved. Think about it. Think about how many people go through life with their heads down, trying not to make any noise or attract too much attention.

How many people are afraid of saying what they really mean, even if it's the truth? How many people spend their time trying not to make waves, and wind up chasing after someone who does?

I'm not saying to go around pretending to be a nut case in order to find love or be more attractive. All I'm saying is there is something to the notion that being polarizing is better than going unnoticed.

2. Crazy things can happen.

Donald Trump coming in second in Iowa was something people never thought could happen. That's kind of how love is.

It's completely insane, and out-of-the-blue connections happen when you least expect it. Life is random and crazy, just like love.

3. Honesty is a turn-on.

Whether you like what he's saying or not, people are attracted to the perception that Trump is being honest in saying what he believes. The same goes for Bernie Sanders.

There is something about the perception that both men are being honest that makes people pay attention, even though they both go about it in very different ways.

4. Being different actually does work.

The fact that Donald Trump is actually possibly going to be a Republican nominee proves that people are thirsty for someone unique. People who don't even care about politics are intrigued by his absolute circus of playful chaos.

Maybe Trump isn't that playful, but the circus and spectacle he creates is undeniable. People are attracted to people who awaken a sense of “life” in them.

5. Owning your presence is interesting.

If you walk around and own what makes you who you are, people are going to pay attention. There is something inside you that makes you who you are. Whatever it is, embrace it.

Being able to own your strengths and be proud of yourself is an essential ingredient to attracting love.

6. Looks are not a barrier to love.

Donald Trump is not typically good-looking. His hair and orange tan are both topics of conversation, yet he still maintains them. He doesn't apologize for being who he is and doing what he likes.

Just because he is not typically good-looking doesn't mean he cannot attract a large following. He speaks without any kind of insecurity, and he doesn't let something like not being “handsome” get in the way.

7. Disagreeing is OK.

I know people who are completely against everything Donald Trump believes in and who cannot believe the things he says. They scoff at the mere idea of his policies.

But guess what? These same people are still talking about him. Many of these same people say they respect him for voicing his opinions, even though they are completely different than their own.

What does this have to do with love? Well, you should never pretend to agree with someone if you don't.

Never compromise what you believe and try to make someone like you. When you pretend to believe something you don't, you will forge a fake relationship with that person.

But guess what happens in the end? Resentment tends to build, and you end up feeling like you are selling yourself out by stuffing down your true feelings. Honesty is a key to love.