If You Want More Tinder Matches, Tinder Gold Is Here To Help

Hello, everyone. It is I, coming to tell you the good news about our lord and savior. No, it's not who you think, though. The lord and savior I'm talking about here is Tinder's latest app update, Tinder Gold. It can't take you to heaven or walk on water or anything, but if you're wondering, "Does Tinder Gold get more matches?" well, that it can, my friend. That it can.

Here's the lowdown. While it was in the testing stages for a long-ass time in a select few countries, Tinder Gold has finally been released to iOS users in the United States, so everyone can reap its benefits. Granted, it is a paid, members-only service, and I'm sure you're questioning whether or not this update is even worth it. But if I'm being completely honest with you, it just might be, and here's why: According to Tinder, the people who used Tinder Gold's services during the initial testing phases saw about — wait for it — 60 percent more matches. That's so much potential for love, you guys! MAYBE IT ISN'T DEAD AFTER ALL???


Considering the features Tinder Gold is boasting, it's not hard to see why this may have been the case for subscribers. I mean, first of all, there's the coveted "Likes You" feature, which allows you to see who liked you BEFORE you swipe on anyone, but there's also the "Passport" feature, which allows you to change your location, thus making you visible to more people. Not only that, but you're granted five Super Likes to throw out at your leisure, as well as a monthly profile Boost. And if THAT'S not enough for you (damn, you're high maintenance), you also get unlimited likes, so you can swipe until your heart's content.

IDK, you guys. As cynical as I am about everything, it does seem like Tinder Gold would help the Tinder match stars align in your favor, if you've been lacking in that department lately. According to TechCrunch, the update costs about $4.99 a month — a small price to pay for the confidence boost of a lifetime, amirite?

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